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When the unexpected occurs due to the carelessness of nursing homes, hospitals, or doctors, Brown & Barron Law stands up for Maryland families. Our goal at Brown & Barron is to restore justice and restore lives. We achieve this for our clients by ensuring their views are heard, providing watchful care and representation, and bringing a genuine sense of closure to a traumatic occurrence. We make nursing homes and hospitals safer for future families by cooperating to hold them accountable. Together, our team members have more than 137 years of trial experience.

We assist clients across a wide range of specializations, including medical malpractice and nursing home abuse & neglect. For those who are more vulnerable, we can offer representation to make the legal system more accessible, mainly if they have been victims of nursing home abuse or medical misconduct. Our lawyers are dedicated to pursuing justice and advocating for individuals without a voice.

With tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts gained over the years, we take satisfaction in the outcomes we have obtained for our clients. We fight tenaciously to get the most excellent recoverable compensation. However, we also work closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure their views are heard and achieve a genuine feeling of closure following a terrible occurrence.

Brown & Barron, LLC can offer expert advocacy in negotiations and trials, prompt communication, individualized claim assistance, and results-oriented representation for our injured clients who deserve compensation. Furthermore, there is a civic duty on the part of Brown & Barron, LLC. The motto that drives our law company is “Restoring Lives and Restoring justice. We engage in community endeavors in Maryland to assist the underprivileged. Hence, you may contact us and schedule an evaluation to learn more about how we can help.

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