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Cbus Power Washing is a professional pressure washing service provider located in Columbus, Ohio. The company’s main focus is on maintaining the quality and beauty of clients’ homes by effectively cleaning away dirt and grime from their exterior siding, deck, sidewalk, or driveway. The business takes pride in providing top-notch pressure washing services to clients in Columbus and Central Ohio.

Cbus Power Washing has gained a reputation for providing quality services at reasonable prices. According to a customer review, the business completed a beautiful clean job on pressure washing two sidewalks, a concrete driveway entrance, and a small outdoor tile patio in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. This positive review is a testament to the quality of work that the company offers.

Cbus Power Washing’s services include pressure washing for residential and commercial properties. The business offers power washing services for homes, decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and more. In addition, the business provides gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and roof cleaning services. Cbus Power Washing also offers a soft washing service for delicate surfaces such as stucco, vinyl, and painted surfaces.

Customers can easily contact Cbus Power Washing by phone or through the business website to request a quote for their desired services. Additionally, the business can be found on various online directories such as the Chamber of Commerce, where customers can find information such as the business address, phone number, and reviews.

In summary, Cbus Power Washing is a reliable pressure washing service provider that offers quality services at reasonable prices. With a range of services including pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and roof cleaning, the business has the expertise to handle a wide range of cleaning needs for both residential and commercial properties. Customers in Columbus and Central Ohio looking for a professional and reliable pressure washing service provider can count on Cbus Power Washing.

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