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Because of our expertise in medical malpractice, sexual abuse, civil rights, police misconduct, and workers’ compensation, Romanucci & Blandin is the best legal firm for individuals and groups whose wrongdoing has left victims injured, devastated, and in massive medical debt. Thus, to help clients care for their loved ones and themselves in their time of need to cope with a severe accident or a personal loss, our qualified attorneys and staff handle every part of each case with compassion, diligence, and excellence. At any rate, this unwavering dedication to upholding justice differentiates us from other personal injury law firms.

Chicago-based national litigation firm Romanucci & Blandin is dedicated to defending those who have suffered from carelessness, abuse, or wrongful death. We have a long history of acquiring verdicts and settlements for our clients, many of which were record-breaking in terms of their monetary amounts and other awards. Additionally, we have a track record of success, a wealth of knowledge, a bright and committed staff, prepare tirelessly, and strategically use communications and the media to fight for the rights of people whose lives have been permanently altered. Furthermore, in many different types of cases, including workplace accidents, car, truck, motorcycle, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, a death case, we will help you how to get medical records, examine medical bills, deal with insurance companies, identify the responsible parties, get expert witnesses, and win at trial or mediation.

When other personal injury lawyers are forming a collaborative team, we are the legal partner of choice and an employer of choice for legal professionals. We represent numerous victims of negligence and misconduct around the country. Our company values high performance, excellence, and respect for one another and our clients. If you are involved in a mishap, please speak with us today.

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