X-Training of Osborne Park

X-Training of Osborne Park


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X-training providing “X” factor into your training regime. Exercises that you wouldn’t typically execute by yourself or in a gym environment. Some exercises and X-training tools you may use: Tyres, Bricks, Ropes, Water cans, Sandbags, Boxing Gloves/mitts etc, Kettle bells, Medicine Balls, Dumbbells/barbells, Resistance Bands. BUT BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! If it can be lifted or moved?… X-training will find a way into your exercise routine!

That’s the beauty of X-training, it provides the variety of equipment and disciplines so you get stimulating workout without the boredom of pre-choreographed movements and routines. Also training at different locations that will get you out into the fresh air and enjoying our Australian environment. Example of some locations: Beatty Park Oval, City beach, BPLC Stadium *Some classes may be altered due to weather or season* Don’t just settle for the typical or the average or the norm of what every other gym is providing. Get e’X’tra into your fitness regime. Get X-TRAINING now!