The Body Consultants Rockingham

The Body Consultants Rockingham

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The Body Consultants was founded to help change the world. We know, it’s a very bold statement, but this is what drives our passion on a daily basis.

You see, we were fed up with the mediocrity of gyms and the fitness industry. The overcrowded, under-equipped commercial gyms with no guidance or support for their members.

The countless selfies and ego, along with the non-welcoming judgement by self-absorbed people. We wanted change, so, we decided that change starts with us so, and at last, TBC was born

We’ve got big ambitions at TBC.

In fact, our short term goal is to be working with a 1000 people daily to help them become the ultimate version of themselves no matter what that looks like for them. Our purpose is to help transform your mind and body.

The way in which we do this is Educate, Action, Results. This is our success formula. We first educate you as an individual, and craft a plan that is going to fit in your lifestyle, we NEVER push our own agenda’s on our clients, we need to understand you as a person and exactly what you want to get out of this journey.

From there, we start with educating you on small daily habits.

Yes, it seems simple, however, the irrefutable fact is that the reason you’re in the position you’re in right now with your health and fitness is because of the habits that you do (or don’t do) on a daily basis.

We work with you on 4 key areas known as our Core 4 which can be represented by our shield. You see, once we’ve educated you on what you need to do in and outside of the gym and you’re taking the necessary actions on a daily basis, the only thing that happens now is that you get results.