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Omron Healthcare is the leading healthcare products provider in New Zealand that offers a wide range of healthcare products including BP monitors, nebulizers, thermometers, TENS therapy machines & much more. These products are built with innovative Japanese Technology & Design to deliver exceptional results. Visit the website to know more about their products.

With its headquarter in Kyoto, Japan, Omron Healthcare Co. develops and manufactures health equipment for home and medical use, health management software, and health promotion services.

In seeking to realize a society where people can enjoy healthy and comfortable lives, Omron Healthcare believes that promoting the prevention of lifestyle diseases is one of the primary objectives. Towards this goal, Omron Healthcare establishes the value of “Healthcare @ Home”.

“Healthcare @ Home.” It connects home and clinical practice with the day-to-day health information measured at home in order to prevent lifestyle diseases and monitor the effects of the treatment. Looking beyond technology, our real commitment lies in helping people lead healthy lives.

Omron’s wide range of home healthcare products includes Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers, Nebulizers, Body Composition Monitors, Pedometers, and Pulse Massagers. We achieved more than 200 million units of Blood Pressure Monitors sold worldwide, making us the global leader in Digital Blood Pressure monitors.

Our professional category includes portable ECG monitors, Non-invasive Vascular Screening Devices, and Professional Blood Pressure Monitors. With the mission to help realize a healthy and comfortable life for people around the world, Omron Healthcare continuously strives to create high-quality products and provide them globally.

In developing new technologies, our most important task is to accurately assess the needs of medical professionals and respond to them in the form of practical devices that enable easy and accurate measurement of bio-information. In this way, we have developed innovative technologies and products that contribute to the establishment of new diagnostic criteria and treatments. What makes this possible is our core competency in bio-information sensing and the development of highly precise algorithms that are fine-tuned via joint clinical tests with medical institutions. Many of our blood pressure monitors used worldwide have met the standards of measurement accuracy from ESH (European Society of Hypertension), BHS (British Hypertension Society), and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) and have also received recommendations from dabl (dabl Educational Trust) and other valuation organizations, earning Omron recognition as a trustworthy brand.