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Jay’s Automotive – Lomaland of El Paso

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Our support crew in El Paso, give a lifetime of auto repair expertise & will tell you how to help your family, your property, & your company. Our experienced locally based auto repair team can offer you with commercial and residential products and services.

Before starting, auto repair shops will typically provide a no-cost estimate of the work that needs to be completed. Although these estimates may differ dependent on what the root of the issue is, it’s still a decent start. For some companies it’s an industry practice; however, do not consent to any repairs or maintenance for your vehicle before understanding the total cost of the work. Some stores have employees that are willing to give a no-cost estimates and to take the car out for testing.

If you are having maintenance or minor repairs, it might be wise to bring along owners’ manuals. A lot of people aren’t aware about their vehicle and wish to be as thorough as they can when doing repairs. Many people do not need to go through an owner’s guide. In any situation, the manual will offer information regarding the specific problem with the vehicle. Through giving tips for mechanics and tips on specific issues the user can generally determine the issue without having to look through the owner’s manual.

Before leaving in the vehicle be sure to have all the required documents. A lot of times, an auto shop will ask for proof of insurance or at minimum a statement of sale. If this is the case, the shop should complete the necessary paperwork prior to leaving with your vehicle. It’s also beneficial to carry the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and warranty history with you. This data can be handy when discussing repair or maintenance issue later on.

Be aware of any complaints that have been brought on the company. If the shop is known to have a reputation of fixing problems , but the shop does not offer customers a fee for these services, it may be time to search for a new shop. If you are a victim of a complaint, be sure to document the date, time and other details regarding the incident. If you can, pay the repair shop in person in order to avoid being charged the credit card.

If possible, stop by the auto repair shop or factory-scheduled repair facility in person to determine if everything runs smoothly. If the shop isn’t operating during your visit, many times the best way to get an idea of the working conditions is to check online. You can often read reviews of local businesses to learn how they are ranked by prospective customers.

If you’re not sure about auto repair, the employees at the repair facility can assist you in most situations. They should also be well-informed about the services and products that are offered by various companies. However, it may be necessary for you consult with a technician before deciding on a specific make or model of vehicle. Although you might have discovered the right mechanic often it’s an excellent idea to confirm the task. Furthermore, some technicians are used to providing unsolicited advice and it can be difficult to prove that this isn’t the case. To avoid problems in the future, choose your mechanic carefully.

Our professional crew are at the ready to hear from you or meet face-to-face to help relating to any type of auto repair problem you might be experiencing.

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