Kent Chiropractic Clinic of Phenix City

Kent Chiropractic Clinic of Phenix City


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Kent Chiropractic Clinic is an established chiropractor for residential and industrial customers in Phenix City. Our company’s centering on customer support & value for your money causes us to be the top option for house owners as well as firms .

Chiropractors utilize spinal manipulation for a variety of motives. If the backbones are aligned, then the rest of our muscles and organs function properly. In the absence of proper alignmentour organs don’t function well. One more reason why they practice that kind of therapy would be to help their patients ease pain irrespective of whetherit’s muscle tension, arthritis, or damaged disc, or even to aid in recovering totally from a sports injury. Also, they use spinal manipulation for the purpose of adjusting the spinal alignment.

A chiropractor can also perform therapeutic massage on you during your visit. It’s similar to a massage to help relieve that muscle tension and also let you relax.

A chiropractor will place his or her hands upon you and start working on your neck and back. Starting with the basics, adjusting the backbone. They may go deeper using various methods to help relieve the strain on your spine. The methods that are used are ultrasound,spinal manipulation, as well as electrical muscle stimulation physical therapy. All of which work to alleviate neck pain and back pain.

Although these chiropractors employ the manipulation of the spine to ease pain and loosen muscles, some chiropractic practitioners will employ other methods to help improve the overall health of their patients. These methods incorporate: acupuncture acupressure, orthopaedics, reflexology, nutrition therapy and homeopathy. Some chiropractic schools include vaccinations, nutrition counseling, physical therapy, sports medicine and speech therapy, among their other trainings. With the increasing use of chiropractic treatments it has also seen a rise in those who practice chiropractic. Actually, it’s becoming the second most sought-after medical specialty, after surgery.

An excellent example of how cost could affect the efficacy of a chiropractor’s therapy is seen with laser treatments. The majority of chiropractor offices offer an all-inclusive price which includes examination by the chiropractor to assess your condition and treatments options, as well as an appointment with the chiropractor who will further analyze your issue. If you choose to go to a chiropractor that does not provide a laser therapy that you can expect to spend more on the treatment by itself than if you work with a non-chiropractor office. This is due to the fact that it takes time in order to make the adjustments required to realign the spine. The chiropractor will save money by making these adjustments without requiring you to pay in advance. But, if you do opt for this kind of a chiropractor, be sure that you choose one that offers an laser treatment.

Yet another issue that is common in the field of fees is when it comes to manual or soft tissue therapies. A good number of chiropractic office services will include soft-tissue manipulation and/or stretches. These types of treatments are a great way to relieve tension and therefore help restore range of motion for muscles and joints that are damaged. But, some chiropractor offices charge you to get manual or soft-tissue treatments depending on the actual degree of the illness or injury. That means that when you suffer from a painful backbone, you may end up being charged more compared to if you have lower back pain. This is because chiropractor offices typically recognize the importance of the conservative treatment intended for patients with severe injuries and illnesses.

Yet another example of how chiropractor pricing can vary comes through adjustments. The term ‘adjustments’ refers to any type of adjustments for your spine which could range from chiropractic manipulation to electrical activation or even heat therapies. When you visit the office of a chiropractor, you may be given an adjustment in response to an identified need or issue which your spine has. Should you visit one who is trained for sports medicine, they could perform the spinal adjustment based on the symptoms the actual client experiences bodily. In any case, chiropractic adjustments are more expensive than an ordinary adjustment.

Our experienced team is waiting to speak with you or maybe get together one on one to help you with regards to any chiropractor challenge you may well be struggling with.

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