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Las Vegas Grease Trap Services is your go-to service provider for all things grease traps. We specialize in fast & affordable grease trap pumping and cleaning services in Las Vegas. We understand your operation cannot be delayed or stopped so we schedule our services with you to allow us to get in & out as fast as possible. We have a fleet of pump trucks that can service both inside & outside grease traps. Our commitment to you is:

As a Las Vegas Grease Trap Services customer, you will receive the following benefits:

– Fast response times

– Competitive prices

– Service schedule built around your business needs

– Automatic price updates to reflect the current market

– Simple online account access so you always can see where you stand with scheduling and payments

If you are in need of service or would like more information, please contact one of our friendly sales specialists at 702-935-1912. We can help save you money by getting you enrolled in one of our price plans. There are many different variables that can affect the cost of servicing the needs of a diverse set of clients, and this is why we offer service agreement schedules to fit your specific needs to allow you to have the peace of mind of being able to deal with your regular daily business operations.

If your establishment is operating a grease trap, it is most likely that it is necessary to have the grease trap service done on a regular basis, to ensure the continued proper functioning of the grease trap.

The cost of the grease trap service is going to be something that you should take into consideration. It is recommended that you approach the matter of grease trap maintenance in a cost-effective manner by signing up for one of our service plans.

We will go through the variables with you, so that you can be informed about what will affect the cost of servicing your specific needs.

If your business operates a grease trap, it is very useful to have a scheduled service plan in place, as this will allow you to effectively deal with your daily operations in an uninterrupted manner and worry about your grease trap maintenance at a later time.