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By creating an in-law suite, you’ll be able to share the home with your parents instead of having them waste money on renting a unit elsewhere. But you must choose a builder who has experience in constructing legal spaces and will help your family through the entire process. We have all the knowledge and experience you need to make this possible. Your own In-law Suite — It’s Finally Possible My ADU is more than just a legal space; we want it to feel natural like it was always there. Our team works together to create an in-law suite that gives homeowners their own space, while also fitting into the original house aesthetically. Our progressive designs are made with modern fixtures aided by classic architecture, resulting in white glove finishes that emphasize comfort and luxury in every inch of your home. Work With a Builder Who Will Get Your In-Law Built Correctly If you’re looking accessory dwelling unit builder in Vancouver, we’re here to help you through each step of the permitting process so that building gets done correctly from the very beginning — saving serious money down the road. When you collaborate with My ADU, you can relax knowing that everything will go smoothly manner during the licensing process. ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are quickly gaining popularity as a way to expand a home’s living area. They can be used as an office, a studio, or even a separate apartment, among other things. There are numerous ways to build an ADU, but one of the most common ones is from scratch using sticks and mud. Are you trying to find an accessory dwelling unit builder in Vancouver? At My ADU, we are starting from scratch with stick construction. We built a simple wooden structure out of a foundation made of cedar beams. Then, to build the facade of our entity, we filled the pixels with planets and stalks. Finally, we added the doors and windows and covered the roof with metal roofs roofing. The great thing about this kind of building is how inexpensive it is. Often, it is less expensive than conventional building techniques.





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