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When water or fire damage occurs in your Chicagoland-area home or business, don’t hesitate; to call. PuroClean Disaster Mitigation to start your journey to full recovery. Owner Aurelian “Rush” Calafeteanu and his family are proud to call Windy City home. Our teams know how challenging water damage, mold damage, or fire damage can be to your family. This is the wrong time to choose a bad provider. PuroClean has a proven combination of training, state-of-the-art equipment, and excellent relationships with insurance and other partners in our area. The recovery systems that we employ have been successfully used thousands of times across the nation, including the U.S. Midwest area.

Water damage restoration as well as other emergency property remediation is a vital service provided by expert professionals. The statistics concerning water damage varies depending on where you live within your community. However, the numbers demonstrate the importance of making sure that you’ve secured protection and the value of having proper insurance in place. The statistics show that each year over 20 percent of citizens endure property damage due to water issues.

Water damage from flooding can wreak havoc on your residential or commercial premises. Therefore, it’s imperative to employ highly trained professionals when it comes to your Alsip water damage restoration needs. PuroClean Disaster Mitigation uses all the latest cleaning systems to properly remove all moisture damage to carpets, floors, furnishings, and walls. Removing all moisture from these affected areas can make a huge difference in regard to further damage and risks to your health. This removal of moisture thwarts mold and mildew, therefore preventing harmful microbial growth and infestation in and around your premises.

Property restoration calls for certified professionals that have the ability to locate abnormal moisture that, if left moist for long periods of time, can lead to mold growth. As part of the inspection procedure, they look for other pre-existing potential molds and then develop plans to remove them. Having a polite professional like PuroClean Disaster Mitigation assess the damage to your belongings is important to your health. Mold can lead to serious health problems. Employing professionals to help you sort through your home after a major flood may not be ideal, but it is necessary. Fortunately, PuroClean Disaster Mitigation is the water damage restoration expert in Alsip and is available around the clock, 24/7. The service enables you to address any flooding emergencies that may compromise the integrity of your property. If you require assistance right now, you can call us at (708)929-9696.

Flooding can result in costly damage to commercial and residential structures and belongings.

For this reason, you should consider hiring a professional Chicago, IL water damage remediation company such as PuroClean Disaster Mitigation. We use the newest advancement technology systems to clean, disinfect, and dry all properties. Eliminating moisture in flooring, walls, furnishings, and carpets counteracts the growth of microbes, like mildew and mold. In turn, you avoid potential health risks due to the infestation of microbes.

Locating abnormal moisture can be challenging during property remediation and requires certified technicians who can locate all affected areas and perform precise removal to prevent mold growth. If moisture remains in these areas for extended periods of time, mold dangers increase. The PuroClean Disaster Mitigation trained experts will seek areas likely to contain pre-existing mold and hastily make plans to eliminate all that exists. Personable, professional experts will assess the damage to all of your premises and personal items. Removing this mold and damage is vital for maintaining good health and the integrity of your property. PuroClean Disaster Mitigation allows you to face flood emergencies in a timely manner and are here for you 24/7 to respond to your needs. Our technicians are passionate about their role in helping you restore your property, and go the extra mile to make an undesirable situation as painless as possible. Should you have an emergency water situation, call (708) 929-9696 and turn that emergency over to us.



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