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Looking for a dentist in Plano, TX? Tru Plano Dental is a comprehensive dental clinic in the heart of North Dallas. Our emergency dentist in Plano offers a wide range of dental services including general, cosmetic, preventive as well as restorative services to all ages. We are part of your community to help you with a healthy and beautiful smile! Our goal is to make sure that every person living in Plano and the surrounding community has access to quality dental care from our dentist team and a caring staff trained to provide exceptional service. For more information about our services please call us or schedule an appointment.

At Tru Plano Dental, we are invested in meeting the needs of all our clients. We are a one-stop shop for general dentistry in Plano.

Our primary goal is to help you maintain a good standard of oral health. Our dental care in Plano entails preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases.

We also specialize in family dentistry in Plano. We are prepared to assist all members of your family, regardless of age. It is also convenient as you can make one appointment for several family members.

Lastly, having a dentist who knows your family’s dental history can come in handy when diagnosing and treating illnesses. The dentist can also identify problems caused by genetics, which will help other family members.

Knowing that you can easily access a trained dentist near you is calming. Although you may use home remedies to manage dental problems, seeking an experienced dentist is more strategic.

Some problems advance with time, causing severe symptoms. See a dentist wherever you experience discomfort or pain in your tooth or mouth to avoid this. Sometimes, you may need to find an emergency dentist in Plano. It includes cases when you knock off or break your tooth by accident.

Regular checkups at Tru Plano Dental will help you identify a dental problem before it progresses. Tru Plano Dental is the place to be if you seek a reliable and reputable dentist in Plano.