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Dermatology Physicians of Connecticut is a corporation of dermatology experts established in Hamden Connecticut. We have happily supported our Hamden neighborhood for many years and also are looking forward towards a long and also successful relationship.

When do I need a Professional Dermatologist?

You can find a lot of options intended for physicians with the treatment of patients. In order to become a Dermatologist one must have completed the medical school curriculum. Nonetheless, cosmetic dermatology is much simpler to master. To gain further training in the field, it’s not necessary that you have an medical degree.

Chemical Peels: Dermatologists perform chemical peels during a procedure. The doctor will use alpha hydroxyl acids (or beta hydroxyl acids) to remove the epidermis’ uppermost layer (also called the stratum corneum). The epidermis is the layer of skin that contains fat cells that help to keep the skin in a firm status. The epidermis is also a protective layer called collagen that keeps the skin youthful looking. If the layers are taken off and the face appears wrinkled and it becomes more easily damaged.

Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a different treatment that a dermatologist who is a cosmetic is able to perform. This process removes small deposits from the epidermis (top covering) of the skin. These crystals minimize wrinkly skin and wrinkles. The epidermis no longer appears stiff or sagging, and new hair growth looks better. When this treatment is utilized regularly, it can significantly improve the appearance of the complexion and also the skin.

Laser Therapy: Typically those with oily skin area, acne or have been counseled by their cosmetic dermatologists to undergo laser therapy in order to improve their complexion. Laser therapy utilizes lasers to dry the skin and remove the particular extra oil and bacteria from the skin’s surface. The skin is left more smooth and clear. Laser therapy is typically suggested for patients suffering from very oily skin or acne who do not see improvement after other remedies. In certain patients, overuse of laser therapy can lead to the actual formation of new acne.

There is a possibility that dermatologists are competent to carry out these procedures. The American Academy of Dermatology provides a list of accredited dermatologists. The American Academy of Dermatology has gotten reviews from individuals, as well as responses of former patients. The list was created using the information provided by these individuals. The dermatologists have to meet the criteria that are set by the academy to participate in the particular academy’s programs.

The General Practitioner: Often, your general practitioner may recommend one to dermatologist. If perhaps you’ve healthy skin and general health, your dermatologist will be able to refer one to some reputable cosmetic dermatologist. Some dermatologist who is qualified can be referred to you by your doctor. In some cases, if your provider is unsure of the specialist that you ought to visit, your provider may be able to provide you with a referral to some dermatologist.

Plastic Surgeon: Many look for a plastic surgeon to remove unwanted body hairs. However, a dermatologist is not necessarily the only one that can offer treatment for sagging skin and wrinkles. Many dermatologists are able to perform surgery in order to enhance the look of the skin. If perhaps you are unhappy with your physical appearance because of excessive skin loss or facial lines that are too prominent, a dermatologist may have the ability to utilize surgical techniques to correct the problem. Remember that a dermatologist will only do so much in regards on your skin. However, they can suggest a professional who can improve your skin’s appearance and feeling its best.

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