Champlin’s Cleaners in Akron

Champlin’s Cleaners in Akron

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Champlin’s Cleaners have already been situated here in Akron Ohiofor many years.. We’re very proud on the subject of our recent history in helping our Ohio neighborhood.

The Champlin’s Cleaners comes from Akron in the state of Ohio where our initial laundry facility has been an established institution in the local community for a number of years.

Champlin’s Cleaners knows how important your clothes are . We know that you will spend a great deal of money to purchase them, because looking your best is the most important factor to success on the job, in your professional as well as in your persona l life.

We pledges to look after your dry cleaning and laundry as if they were our own, and ensure that the entire laundry experience is as convenient as possible for our customers. We would like you to look your best and have more time to do what matters to you most.

Since its beginning Champlin’s Cleaners has always been determined to expand its operations beyond its immediate area and to share its values.

Our Goal is to Raise the Standards in the Industry

Customer Service: Our service is responsive, friendly and prompt. Our user-friendly website as well as our pick up and delivery services are unbeatable.

Quality: We make use of eco-friendly products, and we ensure that your clothes come back clean and fresh.

Fast turnaround: 24 hours of laundry service and 48-hours for dry cleaning.

At Champlin’s Cleaners, our employees are extremely proud of our work, regardless of whether we are working with large-scale corporate clients, individual laundry clients , or even our customers who walk-in. Visit our website and learn more about the wide range of laundry services we offer.


Wash and Fold

The necessity of washing clothes is part of life, which is why you should give you one less thing to worry about and let Champlin’s Cleaners manage all of your laundry requirements in Akron, Ohio.

Each customer’s laundry is taken at individually and with care by our team of washing specialists who take great care to ensure the high top quality of your clothes. Our advanced order processing system also alerts to our staff of specific treatment or general instructions pertaining to specific items , or the manner in which you would like your laundry items cleaned or dried. Our system allows our customers to give specific instructions for each item added to the shopping cart.

Dry Cleaning

We offer excellent Eco-friendly dry cleaning, washing and tailoring for your garments All you have to need to do is throw your items in a bag and they come back clean and pressed.

Our ordering process for dry cleaning is the same as that of our laundry service. We understand that your dry-cleaning is essential and you may require special care instructions, which is why we permit our customers to provide specific instructions for every dry cleaning item added to their shopping cart. Dry cleaning is available within 48 hours.

At Champlin’s Cleaners, we take pride in using the most environmentally friendly dry cleaning process in the industry. Unlike a majority of competitors we care about the health of our customers. We prohibit the use of toxic petrochemical solvents used by 85% of dry-cleaners in Akron in the state of Ohio. In contrast, the Champlin’s Cleaners employs an environmentally friendly dry-cleaning process that is best for people, clothes and the planet.

Champlin’s Cleaners is the city’s only one-stop-shop for laundry service dry cleaning, commercial laundry.

For those who are looking for a qualified Laundry service that you could count on get in touch with us. Listed here are our contact numbers.

941 Dopler St, Akron, OH 44303, United States
+1 330-864-0640