Lakeridge Cleaners in Reno

Lakeridge Cleaners in Reno

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Right here at Lakeridge Cleaners, we constantly concentrate on the service quality.

As we are among the most trustworthy Laundry experts in Reno Nevada, we constantly ensure that the clientele acquire the Laundry assistance they deserve.

Lakeridge Cleaners is a result of its roots from Reno in which our first laundry center was an established institution in the local community for many years.

Lakeridge Cleaners understands how crucial your clothes are and we understand that you invest a lot of money on them because being stylish is the key to succeeding in life; both in your professional as well as in your persona l life.

We will take care of your dry cleaning and laundry as if they were our own and to make the entire process the most convenient to our clients. We wish you to be at your best and have more time to enjoy what is important to you most.

Since its beginning Lakeridge Cleaners has been eager to expand its business beyond its immediate neighborhood and embrace its values.

Our Goal is to Raise the Standards in the Industry

Customer Service: Our service is friendly, responsive and quick. Our easy-to-use website as well for our pick-up and delivery service is second-to-none.

Quality: We make use of eco-friendly products and also ensure that your clothes come back clean and smelling fresh.

Fast turnaround: 24 hours of laundry service and dry cleaning that is available for 48 hours.

At Lakeridge Cleaners, we take immense pride in our work, whether we’re working with large companies, individual laundry clients , or even our customers who come in for a walk. Explore our website to learn more about the many laundry services we offer.


Wash and Fold

It’s a part of life, which is the reason why you need to give yourself one less thing be concerned about. Let Lakeridge Cleaners take care of all your laundry requirements in Reno, Nevada.

Each customer’s laundry is taken at individually and with care by our washing experts who take great care to maintain the good quality of the laundry. Our sophisticated order processing system also informs to our staff of special requirements or general guidelines pertaining to particular items or the method you prefer your laundry items cleaned or dried. Our system allows customers to give specific instructions for every item that is added to the shopping cart.

Dry Cleaning

We offer excellent Eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundry and tailoring for your clothes The only thing you need to put your clothes in a bag and they are returned clean and freshly pressed.

The ordering process for dry cleaning is the same as that of our laundry service. We understand that your dry-cleaning is important and that you might require specific care instructions, which is why we permit our customers to leave specific instructions with each and every dry cleaning item that is added to their shopping cart. Dry cleaning is provided within 48 hours.

At Lakeridge Cleaners, we are proud to use the greenest dry cleaning process that is available. In contrast to a large portion companies, we are concerned about the health of our customers and we do not use harmful solvents that contain petrochemicals, which are used by over the majority of dry cleaners in Reno in the state of Nevada. Instead, Lakeridge Cleaners utilizes an environmentally friendly dry-cleaning process that works best for clothing, people and the environment.

Lakeridge Cleaners is the city’s only one-stop-shop for laundry service dry cleaning, commercial laundry.

Our company’s team of specialists here at Lakeridge Cleaners is readily available to solve your concerns or perhaps to meet you in person to be able to take care of any specific Laundry challenges you have got.

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