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High-Quality Solar Power – At Prospero Energy, we strive to aid you in obtaining a life that is prosperous and meaningful. We believe that taking care of people and the planet should be the foremost goal of conducting business. Find out how we can help you prosper. Each of our members is a certified and qualified professional that has received extensive training. Establishing trust with those we interact with is our team’s goal. In an ever-changing world, a Prospero Energy representative is someone you can rely on.

We specialize in solar power education and offer unique financing opportunities. If you are interested in purchasing solar panels, we will do everything we can to finance them.

Could solar really be the key to solving a crisis often talked about in political and economic circles? Have you been wondering whether or not those salesmen are marketing a hoax, or actually a beneficial product that serves generations to come? We believe that harnessing the solar energy can have extremely positive impacts on our planet. Many ask what the benefits are of installing solar power on one’s residence. At Prospero, we provide educational resources and encourage clients to research for themselves. 

Overall, studies show that the emission of greenhouse gases is harming our planet. Some of these harmful elements include carbon dioxide and methane, two things that we as humans often produce in our everyday lives. These things are emitted through the production and transportation of gasoline and fossil fuels. Gases such as these are also a primary method of electricity production worldwide. Hence, cutting down on the production/transportation of these resources will benefit our planet greatly. So, our answer is – yes the use of solar energy can reduce the number of greenhouse gasses being emitted into our atmosphere.



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