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We are a professional security guard services company that provides a presence that is both noticeable and of high quality in order to discourage inappropriate or unlawful behavior. Because the development of a safety plan at American Global Security is always done with the intention of delivering tranquility to our clients, we place high importance on the opportunities that allow us to get knowledge regarding the operations of our customers’ companies. It is important to discuss your requirements prior to engaging the services of a security guard for a special event or for your own protection. This guarantees that you receive the appropriate security guard for your circumstance, as different guards have differing levels of authority and are licensed to carry different types of weapons. Training that is mandated by the state, annual weapon requalification, FBI fingerprint checks, and background checks are all requirements for armed security guards.

Armed security guards have the ability to stop and/or detain individuals, block admission to places or events, make arrests, and thwart criminal activity as well as injuries to people or property. Depending on the circumstances and the laws that govern the area, armed security guards may use force that is either non-lethal or fatal.

When dealing with high-profile events, workplace violence, crowded public settings, or cash or valuables, it is strongly suggested to have armed guards and police present. Armed security is necessary for situations when there is a risk of violent or disruptive behavior, as well as in situations where accountability is at stake, such as failing to safeguard an employee who is at risk. Please get in touch with the company if you require the services of an armed security guard in Riverside, California. Guards who are not armed are powerless to prevent someone from inflicting harm on others or destroying property. Events, residences, celebrities, and everyday people are all protected by security staff who are not armed.

Due to the fact that their primary tasks consist of watching, observing, and reporting violations, unarmed guards have the ability to call the police or emergency services when assisting a customer with an incident. In extreme situations, guards assist with relief efforts, such as evacuation and notifying emergency services. It’s possible that someone plotting a private or public disturbance will be deterred by the stature and physique of unarmed guards. Consider using ARMED guards for your access control needs if you require prompt intervention to prevent someone from causing harm to other people or to property. They operate under their own authority and are responsible for developing their own protocols.