Fish Boss EVP of Victoria Park

Fish Boss EVP of Victoria Park

Seafood Restaurant

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Your number ONE, local Fish and Chip shop right here in Western Australia. We are focused on delivering you the absolute best MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified sustainable and local seafood that we can.

We work hard with local fisherman, growers and suppliers to bring you sustainably sourced, all Australian produce as fresh as you will get it.

From our Fish and Chips, to our FAMOUS Fish Tacos, we promise you can’t go wrong and will walk away satisfied but always wanting more!

Is it time for your Fish Boss Experience?


We’ve expanded our menu incorporating all of your old favourites as well as adding a few new creations to get everyone’s tongues wagging! All whilst staying true to our fish boss hearts & tastebuds!


When it comes to our seafood, it’s all about sustainability. Fish Boss works closely with local fishermen, suppliers and authorities to ensure an abundance of catch in years to come. Fish Boss uses only MSC certified and sustainable seafood sources. We focus on using under-utilised species and fish that are not as common to the everyday consumer.


Fish Boss uses a 13mm straight cut chip that is grown, cut and produced right here in Western Australia. We believe that the secret to good chips is in the size, not too thick and not too big, but most importantly it should be cooked in GMO-free WA canola oil.


The key to good fish & chips is not only the fish, its also about the batter, so we take extra pride in this. We use 3 flours in our mix with local premium beer.


Not only is the seafood local, the condiments and ingredients for our sides are all sourced right here in Australia. Have you got a lemon tree? Ask us about our lemon currency! We will trade fish & chips for your lemons. We are pretty passionate about produce not going to waste so… when life throws you lemons, we throw you fish!


All our packaging is either compostable or recyclable. It’s important that we protect our environment and make sure that unnecessary plastics do not end up in our oceans. We believe it’s the small things that make a big difference and this helps to protect the ocean wildlife.