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Our company are located within Omaha Nebraska and have been for quite some time now.

Golden Palace is committed to sourcing 100% of our fresh food produce from environmentally friendly sources throughout our operations. Golden Palace will continue to work towards this commitment.

Chinese restaurants across the USA are available across a variety of states. There are a few large cities, however there are many small towns, and Omaha is among the best areas for Chinese food. Regardless of when you go, you’re sure to find an excellent meal here in Golden Palace in Omaha Nebraska.

In the early twentieth century Chinese restaurants started to gain popularity in America. U.S., and the number of Chinese restaurants grew by leaps and bounds. In spite of the Great Depression, Chinese restaurants in the United States were still relatively cheap and enjoyed high ratings. The increasing number of immigrants and foreigners meant that there was a need for Chinese food and the business started to grow. A recent study showed that there were 40000 restaurants like this in the country.

The second era of Chinese restaurants in the US was defined by the Nixon tour to China. The trip resulted in an explosion of Chinese restaurant industry. The famous ‘Mr. Chop Suey’ meal was re-created in New York by Michael Tong who was a restaurateur. This increased appetite for Chinese food led to the passing of 1965’s Immigration Reform Act, which ended the racist quota system.

The third revival of American Chinese cuisine can be linked back to 1882, the year of the Chinese Exclusion Act, which specifically prohibited Chinese workers from getting U.S. citizens. In this time, American Jews were given merchant status, which allowed the right to visit China and to bring back workers from their home country. This led to a large number of these restaurants opened in the late 1920s. According the MIT Law professor Heather Lee, the number of Chinese restaurants in the U.S. doubled from 1910 until 1920.

The Chinese food market in America is massive. There are over 8000 Chinese restaurants across the US, and they are located in every city. But even if you’re not a fan of the Chinese food, you can find some great options in the country. A excellent restaurant, such as Golden Palace is able to accommodate your family and friends. If you’re looking to have an outstanding food, you’ll have a variety of menu options at Golden Palace.

In addition to being delicious, Chinese food is rich in taste and nutrients. Traditionally, it was only accessible in Chinese communities. However, today it is possible to find Chinese food in any city in America. United States. The background of the Chinese restaurant in the US is fascinating. The reason it is so popular is the fact that it’s accessible in a majority of American cities and serves delicious dishes at attractive prices.

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