BOMBAY GRILL of Louisville

BOMBAY GRILL of Louisville

Indian Restaurant

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There are numerous benefits to visiting an Indian restaurant. If you’re a local, or visiting Louisville There’s an Indian restaurant in Kentucky which will satisfy your cravings. Here are a few advantages of dining at a traditional Indian restaurant, such as BOMBAY GRILL. First of all, the food is tasty. If you’re unfamiliar with Indian cuisine, don’t be concerned, you’re not alone! Here at BOMBAY GRILL we are waiting to help you pick a meal that you will enjoy.

If you’ve not been to an Indian restaurant before, it may be difficult to know how to get started. There are many Indian-themed restaurants within Louisville Kentucky, but only a handful of them are authentic. BOMBAY GRILL focuses on traditional cooking, using classical methods of slow cooking from the North East of India. BOMBAY GRILL also serves a range of dishes which include rice, veggies and dhal dishes. BOMBAY GRILL is also known for its wine & beverages menu that includes the finest bottles of wine to complement your Indian food.

BOMBAY GRILL offers traditional Indian food. On the weekend, there are specials like the mixed thali platter. The menu of dosas is extensive, with a selection of different types and tastes. A few customers have even said that our dosa is the most delicious in town. One must try should be the Pondicherry masala dosa that critics deem to be the ‘atomic flavor’ of all dosas. The dosa is usually served with rice and the tiffin dish is an ideal option for lunch.

The BOMBAY GRILL restaurant has one of the best starters in the world. Its spicy chicken tikka hara bahara kebab, paneer tikka are just a few of the meals you can order. The masala is an important part of Indian food, and the servers will be happy to answer your questions regarding specific ingredients. This restaurant serves a selection of the most sought-after dishes in the country.

BOMBAY GRILL: A contemporary restaurant serving traditional Indian food with a contemporary twist. The Indian restaurant that is situated in Louisville Kentucky, has a menu which is inspired by the traditional cuisine of India. The menu is innovative and includes international and Indian dishes, which include local favorites. Certain dishes are vegan and vegetarian however there are, in addition, choices for gluten-free individuals. If you’re in search of an authentic Indian food experience in Louisville, you’ll find BOMBAY GRILL serves a range of Indian cuisine styles.

An authentic Indian restaurant is essential for anyone looking to experience the culture of India. Going to a genuine Indian restaurant is an unforgettable experience. It is possible to enjoy the delicious hot and spicy cuisine as well as the ambience that is typical of and Indian restaurant. The menu here at BOMBAY GRILL is varied and differs by region. You will find the traditional meals of the BOMBAY GRILL are the most well-known in Louisville Kentucky. While the food here is authentic, the interior is modern and casual. You can also enjoy the various types of wine and drinks that are served.

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