Bombay House of Cordova

Bombay House of Cordova

Indian Restaurant

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If you want to eat the authentic Indian food at Tennessee, there are many great options available. There are a variety of places to choose from, but many of the most popular are located within Cordova. The vibe is casual and modern, as is the food always good. You can also choose from dishes from the menu of various other Cordova Indian restaurants.

A favorite among locals is chana masala which is usually consumed with bread. Chana masala is a filling dish that is loaded with good flavors, and is packed with vitamins and protein. It is usually served with either puffed bread or rice, and a chutney is usually served with. It’s one of the most popular Indian foods and it’s not surprising. This filling and delicious dish is made from lentil flour, spices, vegetables, and even meat.

One of the most popular Indian restaurants located in Tennessee is Bombay House. This spacious restaurant features an exclusive dining space for the theatre crowd, and offers specials before the main show. It’s clean, serene and provides top-of-the-line customer service and outstanding food. Some of the most popular dishes served here are Bengali Fish Curry, Saffron Shorba dishes, and Sriracha Chili-rubbed cauliflower and scallops. Whether you’re looking for traditional food or something a bit more creative there’s something for you.

The owner of Bombay House, is a fervent purist; is a firm believer in the traditional ways that are associated with traditional foods in India. Unlike most other Indian establishments, Bombay House doesn’t strictly follow the rules when it comes to dining. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy an incredibly spicy lamb hash or two samosas topped with a chickpea stew. A good masala chai will be a perfect accompaniment to this.

Bombay House The restaurant is contemporary serving traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist. The Indian restaurant that is located in Cordova Tennessee, has a menu that is an inspiration from the traditional Indian cuisine of India. Its menu is unique and includes international and Indian flavors, including local favorites. Certain dishes are vegetarian and vegan, but there are, in addition, choices for gluten-free individuals. If you’re in search of an authentic Indian meal in Tennessee, Bombay House serves a range of cuisines.

An authentic Indian restaurant is a must for anyone looking to experience the culture of India. A visit to an authentic Indian restaurant can be unforgettable. It is possible to enjoy the delicious spicy food and the atmosphere that is typical of and Indian restaurant. The menu here at Bombay House is diverse and is influenced by the region. You will find the traditional dishes in the Bombay House are the most popular within Cordova. While the food here is authentic, the decor is contemporary and casual. It is also possible to enjoy the various types of wine and drinks that are served.

1727 N Germantown Pkwy #101, Cordova, TN 38016, United States
+1 901-755-4114