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If you want to try traditional Indian food in Seattle it is best to go to one of the numerous Indian restaurants throughout Seattle. Washington is home to a vast variety of different cuisines, which means you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. The menus of many of these restaurants vary significantly in temperature, ranging ranging from moderate to hot. In order to choose the best one, you should be aware of the amount of spice you prefer in your food. One good general rule is to order the tastiest dishes first, then you can try other dishes.

If you’re seeking an unpretentious dinner in the metropolis, don’t go to a posh and stuffy Indian restaurant. Instead, choose Cedars. We are pleased to offer an Indian menu that includes street food and salads made from grilled roti that are filled with ingredients such as prawns. If you’re in the market for comfort food, try some of the more traditional dishes that are served with rice. Rice with lemon is a fantastic option for a meal.

Cedars serves traditional Indian fare. On weekends specials are available, including the mixed thali platter. The menu for dosa is large, offering a variety of various types and flavors. A few customers have even declared our dosa to be the most delicious in town. One must try should be our Pondicherry masala dosa, which critics claim to be the ‘atomic flavor’ of all dosas. Dosas are typically served with rice and the tiffin is an ideal choice for lunch.

The owner of Cedars, is an avid purist and is a firm believer in the traditional ways of food served in traditional styles in India. Unlike most other Indian restaurants, Cedars doesn’t strictly follow the rules of dining out. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the spiciest lamb hash or two samosas, topped with a chickpea stew. A masala chai that is good will complement this.

Besides the samosas, you can also order the tandoori bread, which adds an extra bite to your meal. There are many varieties of desserts available in India, including kheer (cashew rice pudding with nut) and rasmalai, a thickened kale dish. These are just some of the numerous options available for Indian eateries that are located in Washington. The most reputable Indian eateries located in Seattle are those that serve a blend of traditional and contemporary cuisines, as we are pleased to do here at Cedars.

The first time you have a craving for Indian cuisine, you must try us here at Cedars. The restaurant opened many years ago and is still open and serving the same delicious meals every day. It is a local favorite. The food here is delicious and authentic, but it’s also nutritious and vegetarian-friendly. Only requirement is that you are either familiar with Indian food or adventurous and be able to enjoy the food.

4759 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105, United States
+1 206-527-4000



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