Neehee’s of Troy

Neehee’s of Troy

Indian Restaurant

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If you’re interested in trying traditional Indian cuisine in Troy, you will want to try one of the numerous Indian eateries throughout Troy. The city has a wide selection of diverse cuisines so you’re sure to find something that you’ll like. The menus of many of these restaurants vary dramatically in temperature, ranging ranging from moderate to hot. To choose the perfect one, you must know how much spice you like in your food. The best guideline is to order the tastiest food first, then try others.

If you’re seeking a casual dining experience in the city, don’t go to a posh and stuffy Indian restaurant. Instead, go to Neehee’s. We have on offer an Indian menu with salads and street food made of grilled roti stuffed with ingredients like prawns. If you’re looking for comfort food, consider some of the more traditional dishes that are served with rice. Lemon rice is a great option for a meal.

There are two locations, and is run by owners, who fell in love with Indian food. While the Menu at Neehee’s features many inspired food items, it’s also recommended to take a look at the pav bhaji, a dish made with mashing vegetables and buttered bread. The menu has more than 150 options and the menu varies according to the level of spice and the quality of ingredients.

If you’re looking to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine throughout the Troy area, there are many options. Neehee’s offers a variety of tasty dishes, including the Bombay Veg. Sandwich it is a three-decker sandwich that is made with shredded vegetables, melted cheese and chutneys.

Neehee’s: A contemporary restaurant but serves traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist. Neehee’s is an Indian restaurant that is located in Troy, has a menu which is inspired by the traditional cuisine of India. Its menu is unique and includes international and Indian flavours, as well as local favorites. Certain of the dishes are vegetarian and vegan. There are also options for gluten-free people. If you’re in search of an authentic Indian food experience in Troy, Neehee’s serves a range of cuisines.

A genuine Indian restaurant is essential for anyone looking to experience the Indian culture. Visiting an authentic Indian restaurant can be unforgettable. You can enjoy the rich spicy food and the ambience in the Indian restaurant. The menu here at Neehee’s is diverse and differs by region. You will discover that the traditional meals in the Neehee’s are the most well-known in Troy Michigan. Although the food is authentic, the décor is contemporary and informal. It is also possible to enjoy the different types of wine that are served.

4924 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085, United States
+1 248-250-6335