Tandoor Restaurant of Milwaukee

Tandoor Restaurant of Milwaukee

Indian Restaurant

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If you’re looking for the authentic Indian dishes within Milwaukee, there are many options available. There are numerous places to pick from, however some of the best are located in Milwaukee. The vibe is casual and contemporary, while the cuisine is consistently good. You can also choose from dishes on the menu at other Milwaukee Indian restaurants.

A favorite among locals is chana masala that is typically served with bread. Chana masala is an incredibly filling food which is packed with great flavors, and is packed with nutrients and protein. It’s typically served with either puffed bread or rice and a chutney is typically served along with. It’s one of the most sought-after Indian dishes, and it’s no wonder. This delicious and filling dish is made using lentil flour, spices, vegetables, and meat.

The restaurant has two locations and is run by the owners, who fell in love with Indian food. The menu at Tandoor Restaurant features many inspired food items, it’s also recommended to consider trying the pav Bhaji, a dish made with the mashed vegetable and buttery bread. The menu features over 150 different items and varies in the level of spiciness of the ingredients.

If you want to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine in the Wisconsin area, there are plenty of great options. Tandoor Restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes, including their famous Bombay Veg. Sandwich that is a triple-decker sandwich consisting of shredded veggies as well as melted cheese and chutneys.

The menus of Indian restaurants are not confined to a handful of dishes. If you’re seeking a vegetarian-friendly meal take a look at the tandoori style food. Usually served in a tomato-based sauce, matar paneer is an excellent choice for dinner or lunch. The menus offered at these places aren’t terribly spicy and they’re often quite simple and easy to order. If you’re seeking a traditional Indian meal There’s no need to go any further.

A genuine Indian restaurant is a must for anyone who wants to get a taste of the culture of India. Going to an authentic Indian restaurant is an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the rich, spicy cuisine and enjoy the atmosphere of and Indian restaurant. The menu here at Tandoor Restaurant is diverse and varies by region. You will find that the traditional meals of the Tandoor Restaurant are among the most sought-after among the residents of Milwaukee. While the food here has a traditional flavor, their decor is modern and informal. You can also take advantage of the variety of wines & drinks served.

1117 S 108th St, Milwaukee, WI 53214, United States
+1 414-777-1600