The Drunken Munkey – UES of New York

The Drunken Munkey – UES of New York

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There are many benefits of visiting an Indian restaurant. If you’re a local, or just a visitor to New York, there’s an Indian restaurant in New York New York that can satisfy your cravings. Here are a few benefits of eating at an authentic Indian restaurant, such as The Drunken Munkey – UES. The first is that the food is delicious. If you’re unfamiliar with Indian cuisine, don’t worry it’s not a problem! At The Drunken Munkey – UES we are ready to help you pick a selection of dishes that you will love.

If you’ve not visited an Indian restaurant previously, it might be difficult to know how to get started. There are many Indian restaurants in New York, but only a handful of them are authentic. The Drunken Munkey – UES has a focus on cooking traditional dishes, using authentic styles of cooking dishes slowly that originates from North East India. The Drunken Munkey – UES also serves a variety of cuisines which include rice, veggies and dhal dishes. The Drunken Munkey – UES is also known for its wine & drinks which includes some of the most exquisite wines to go with your Indian food.

The restaurant has two locations and is owned by the owners, who are in love with Indian food. While the menu at The Drunken Munkey – UES features many inspired dishes, you should also try the pav bhaji the dish made of the mashed vegetable and buttery bread. The menu has more than 150 items that vary in the level of spiciness and the quality of ingredients.

The proprietor of The Drunken Munkey – UES, is a passionate purist, and he focuses on the traditions that are associated with traditional foods in India. In contrast to other Indian eateries, The Drunken Munkey – UES doesn’t strictly adhere to the strict rules when it comes to dining. It’s the perfect place for the spiciest lamb hash or two samosas that are topped with a chickpea stew. A delicious masala chai is sure to be a perfect accompaniment to this.

The Drunken Munkey – UES is a neighborhood eatery offering both sweet and savory desserts. Chaat is also available and biryani as well as pizza. The restaurant serves Indian fare, and its name means ‘hot spice’. There are many other kinds of Indian restaurants in New York, and most of them are similar, However The Drunken Munkey – UES really stands out for its high-quality food. If you’re looking to experience authentic Indian food in the city or just need to explore something new, there are many options to choose from.

An authentic Indian restaurant is essential for anyone looking to experience the culture of India. A visit to a traditional Indian restaurant can be unforgettable. You can relish the delicious spicy food and the atmosphere of the Indian restaurant. The menu here at The Drunken Munkey – UES is varied and differs by region. You will discover that the traditional dishes served at the The Drunken Munkey – UES are the most well-known within New York New York. While the food here remains authentically prepared, the decor is modern and informal. You can also enjoy the different types of wine served.

338 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128, United States
+1 877-368-6539



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