Urbann Turbann of Berkeley

Urbann Turbann of Berkeley

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There are many benefits of visiting the Indian restaurant. No matter if you’re local or visiting California, there’s an Indian restaurant in California which will satisfy your desires. Here are some of the benefits of eating in a traditional Indian restaurant, such as Urbann Turbann. The first is that the food is delectable. If you’re not familiar with Indian cuisine, don’t be concerned, you’re not alone! Here at Urbann Turbann we are ready to help you choose a selection of dishes that you will love.

A favorite among locals is chana masala that is typically eaten with bread. Chana masala is a filling meal that is loaded with good flavor and lots of nutrients and protein. It is usually served with Puffed bread or rice and a chutney is often served alongside. This is one of the most well-known Indian foods and it’s not surprising. This filling and delicious dish is made with lentil flour along with spices, vegetables and meat.

If you’re traveling from another location, it’s possible to opt for an Indian restaurant like Urbann Turbann, that serves traditional, regional cuisine. The best Indian restaurant such as Urbann Turbann, will feature regional dishes and offer a casual atmosphere. Pick from the cardamom-infused lamb sausages, buttery dal, and lamb chunks coated with saffron. The menu is diverse and includes a variety of delicious choices. You can also choose between a buffet or a set meal with the option of a few side dishes.

The proprietor of Urbann Turbann, is a fervent purist; is a firm believer in the traditional ways that are associated with traditional foods in India. Unlike most other Indian establishments, Urbann Turbann doesn’t strictly follow the rules for dining in. It’s the perfect place for the spiciest lamb hash or two samosas, topped with a chickpea stew. A delicious masala chai is sure to complement this.

The menus of Indian restaurants aren’t limited to a handful of dishes. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, try the tandoori-style fare. It is usually served with the form of a tomato-based sauce. Matar paneer is a good choice for lunch or dinner. The menus of these restaurants are not terribly spicy, and often they’re simple to order and simple to prepare. If you’re looking for a classic Indian meal it’s not necessary to look further.

We are very proud to be one of the best Indian restaurants within Berkeley. There are plenty of Indian restaurants within the vicinity. You can pick a restaurant depending on a selection of factors, but we hope that you will make the journey to visit us here at Urbann Turbann. Urbann Turbann is a well-known choice, and one of the spots to experience authenticity and top-quality food.

1870 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709, United States
+1 510-704-0109



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