Assaggio of Boston

Assaggio of Boston

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Assaggio supply a friendly, reliable as well as specialist service throughout Boston Massachusetts and the nearby towns for all types of project requiring Italian restaurant.

For a taste of the traditional Italian way of eating we invite you to join us here at Assaggio. Our food is prepared and served with enthusiasm. allows you to enjoy the Italian dining experience in a an informal, yet professional setting.

Assaggio is an iconic Ristorante. A typical Italian restaurant that is home to an skilled chef and kitchen staff dedicated to serving a traditional menu including starters, main dishes, sides, dessert, and seafood or meat dishes. The menu is quite large, so you should plan on spending sufficient time to enjoy a delicious dining experience in our Ristorante Assaggio.

Our menu is focused on using high quality ingredients as they become available. The main course usually is the fish or meat dish such as chicken or veal. Other options include pizza, Pasta and salads. A good Italian restaurant offers a few options so you can pick what suits you the best. At Assaggio it’s the same. Our cuisine on offer is incredibly versatile, so you’ll be able to discover a variety of dishes that satisfy your palate.

The way of eating traditionally in the traditional Italian restaurant is split into three parts. A primio (preparation) is the appetizer. A secondo, or main course, usually consists of soup or pasta. Most often, there is a salad before the main meal. A final dish is the dessert, which is called contorno which loosely translates to contours.

American food eaters tend to consume salad prior to the main course and a cheese platter typically is served immediately following the main dish.

But rest assured that we will ensure that your meal is prepared and served exactly how you would like it.

When you need a professional Italian restaurant business you could trust, contact us. Down below are our details.

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