Casa Razdora of Boston

Casa Razdora of Boston

Italian Restaurant

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Right here at Casa Razdora, we constantly concentrate on the service quality. Because we are amongst the most respected Italian restaurant experts in Boston Massachusetts, we continually guarantee that the consumers acquire the Italian restaurant service they deserve.

For an upmarket approach to Italian food, go to Casa Razdora, a posh Italian restaurant in the Boston state. Casa Razdora can be described as an Italian restaurant with a distinct style. It serves high-end appetizers, main dishes and desserts made with high-quality ingredients.

If you’re looking for a casual meal or something more formal in the city, consider Casa Razdora, a cozy little restaurant that is located in the right place. The restaurant is ideal to enjoy a night out with friends and family or a business lunch where you’re looking to impress someone who is important.

Casa Razdora offer homemade Italian specialties to diners, and you can request a glass of wine or select an entire bottle from our wine selection. After that, you can sit down with your wine and enjoy your meal.

Most of the time it is recommended to purchase an antipasti or primi to start with. Also, we have a large variety that can change frequently.

A secondo, also known as the principal dish is a serving of chicken, meat or fish, served with a selection of sides dishes. Vegetarian options are also available and you can ask our staff for help or advice.

Whatever you’re looking for, we will do the best we can to serve you in every way. We offer both casual dining as well as an elegant setting as needed. For lunch, you can get an frozen cone of ice cream or a freshly baked cake. Dinner is served with an extensive menu that one would think of in a more expensive Italian restaurant however don’t be too surprised by the inclusion of pizza, pasta and some of the more traditional Italian food items.

Call us in the event that you’re seeking an experienced Italian restaurant business. Down below are our details.

115 Water St, Boston, MA 02109, United States
+1 617-338-6700