Regina Pizzeria of Boston

Regina Pizzeria of Boston

Pizza Restaurant

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We’re extremely pleased to serve the Boston Massachusetts public, providing pizza.

Regina Pizzeria has committed to sourcing 100% of the fresh produce from sustainable sources across our entire operations.

There are a variety of pizza establishments in Boston Massachusetts, but none have an image that can compete with Regina Pizzeria. Their pizzas are a magical mixture of cheese, sauce and dough. Regina Pizzeria is an absolute must for anyone who loves pizza. It’s also a great option for families as the prices are reasonably priced.

This place is known for its creamy ricotta as well as stretched mozzarella that is enhanced by the inclusion the sesame seeds. This is a classic pizza restaurant, and the slices are as delicious as they come.

There are many great slices to pick from If you’re craving an enormous pizza there’s plenty of 18 inch pies available to pick from. There’s also plenty of good Italian food options if you’re looking for something different from pizza.

The American Pizza Society was formed in the mid-twentieth century to help promote the popularity of pizzerias. The organization was founded in 1945, as Italian and Greek operators started opening pizza restaurants. The first establishments were small, locally-owned establishments, and most had independent operators. A majority of the toppings and dough were made at home. in the 50s Hollywood stars such as Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante contributed to the spread of the idea.

The first pizzeria opened within New York City in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi. Before that street vendors sold hot pizzas made from charcoal. Ric Riccardo Sr. was from southern Italy and followed in his footsteps. He began by making an artisanal deep-dish pizza that was later cooked using a gas-fired oven. In the last decade of the century more than 10,000 pizzas were being made annually in America. United States.

If you’re in the mood for a great meal, try Regina Pizzeria for an authentic homemade pizza. The pizzas they serve are better than the typical takeaway from a chain and can be a wonderful meal for the entire family. You can choose classic toppings along with pies with exotic ingredients like Thai sweet chili and smoked salmon. If you like pizza with a traditional style or something more adventurous, you’ll be able to find one that suits your tastes and budget.

Fresh mozzarella is the ideal topping on pizzas. Parmesan cheese can provide that extra boost when needed. Whatever topping you decide to put on your pizza, there’s an option on Regina Pizzeria that will please.

If you like depending on your preferences, you can pick a variety of toppings to your pizza. Our chefs here at Regina Pizzeria are food lovers to the core and utilize a wide range of ingredients to make unique and exciting pizzas. The most sought-after toppings are aromatic herbs, vegetables from the garden cottage cheese, meatballs, jalapenos as well as corn and mushrooms. If you’re on a diet it’s possible to make a healthier pizza using aubergine and cauliflower as a flour substitute.

Regina Pizzeria is a local pizza restaurant serving some of the best pizza in Massachusetts. The pizzas at Regina Pizzeria are famous for their fresh produce and meats, and their home-made cheese makes them a standout in the area. If you’re looking to sample the best traditional pizza make sure you try one of their delicious slices. So, get yourself one now! You’ll be glad that you did!

226 Faneuil Marketplace, Boston, MA 02109, United States
+1 617-742-1713



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