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Kosher is a term used to describe food that compiles a strict set of dietary standards in Judaism. These standards are known as “kashrut.”. For most of Jewish people, kosher is more than food safety or health. Kosher is about adherence and reverence to religious tradition. Not all Jewish adhere to the strict kosher guidelines. Many individuals choose to follow certain rules – or some follow none at all.

The word kosher is derived from the “Kasher” Hebrew root, which means pure, proper, or food for consumption. The law that offers the kosher dietary pattern is referred to as kashrut and is found within the Torah, a sacred textbook of Jewish. Implementation and instruction for the practice of these laws and patterns are passed through oral tradition. 

Kosher dietary standards are quite comprehensive and offer a rigid framework of rules that outline the food that is allowed and forbidden to eat and tell how the permitted food should be processed, produced, and prepared before consumption.  

Kosher food is any kind of food or beverage allowed to eat by Jewish dietary laws to any person. It is not about the style of cooking; kosher is much more complex. Major rules are the foundation of kosher food. 

Rooted in religion and history, every law specifies what type of food you can eat or not. These laws are very strict about how you prepare, inspect and process the food which is going to be kosher. Keeping kosher food is a commitment. It tells you what you are supposed to eat and how you will prepare your meal. It also tells you how you are going to use your dishes and kitchen every day. Everyone can eat kosher food; you only need to have kosher items in your pantry.




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