About us

The Near Me VIP Business Directory is not just another directory. 

ChicagoIt is a premium business directory designed to connect five-star businesses with five-star customers, clients and patients who know they deserve a very special treatment, a premium service or a premium product and are willing and able to pay for it.

In other words, they are the able folks, the ones that are a pleasure to deal with who are also looking for the best businesses, restaurants, hotels and companies with a great reputation.

The Near Me VIP Business Directory is the place businesses want to be, the list they want to make, the directory they want their websites and brands associated with, the place they want to bring their business to.

It represents a promise to the public of the highest quality and experience and works as an application for marketing and promotion for brands looking to differentiate themselves in a saturated market online.

We are passionate about helping people find what they need and helping the businesses that provide these services succeed.


How can we help you to find clients?

Claim Listings

We create a listing on our site and allow the business owner to claim it.

Promoted Listings

We offer Promotion Plans, listing owners will have directories appeared at special spots on site, and at the top of the search results page.

Paid Listing

Listing owners can pay to get more options to listed on our site.