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Dental services vary from basic cleaning to comprehensive care. In addition to providing routine oral hygiene care, dentists perform preventative and diagnostic procedures to maintain your oral health and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some of the primary dental services that dentists offer are routine cleaning, X-rays, sealants, fluoride treatments, and fluoride varnish. Depending on the type of service, a doctor may offer one or more secondary dental services, such as a root canal.

The most common dental procedure involves scaling and polishing the tooth surface to remove plaque and calcular deposits. The dentist may also apply dental sealants to protect against future cavities and strengthen the hard tissues of the mouth. These services require a referral from a primary care physician or other health providers. The state periodicity schedule may not apply to emergency services. In addition to preventative dentistry, dentists provide emergency dental care and a range of treatment options.

There are many different types of dental services available. Some of the most common procedures involve the placement and repair of teeth. Others include orthodontics, which aligns teeth and improves smiles. There are also services that are available to help children with speech problems and phobias. Pediatric dentists have also helped establish the concept of a dental home, which involves a visit to the dentist from as young as one year of age. They provide nearly 95,000 visits to the community each year.

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Lancaster Family Dentistry

Lancaster Family Dentistry
4417 S Lancaster Rd Suite 2275, Dallas, TX 75216, United States
+1 469-393-0489

Lancaster Family Dentistry is a Dallas-based family dentist practice that treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using advanced dental equipment. We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers, and more.

We also perform emergency dentist services that include bonding, root canals, crowns, and bridges. As local dentists, we create lifelong relationships with our patients and their families and work to ensure that they receive treatments in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Dr. Sarah Taipei, DMD, and our staff invite you to schedule an appointment by calling us and experiencing why our patients think Lancaster Family Dentistry is the best dentist in Dallas.


MINT Dentistry

MINT Dentistry
3940 Rosemeade Pkwy #150, Dallas, TX 75287, United States
+1 972-449-4500

MINT Dentistry‘s success was never anything short of a complete miracle – I refuse to take any credit for it. The amazing people God brought to us and continues to bring to us is really the biggest miracle.

We collaborate with the best dentists in the country to develop better techniques and pick materials that significantly reduced complications. But after we developed a gum surgery in conjunction with veneers to help lengthen teeth, the outcome was so beautiful and so amazing, and so new, it allowed us to recruit some of the best dentists in the world, who only cared about being the best.


Viva Family Dentistry

Viva Dental
1050 N Westmoreland Rd #432b, Dallas, TX 75211, United States
+1 214-337-7800

Welcome to Viva Family Dentistry! The best dental care is never one-size-fits-all. That’s why we take the time to know every patient on a personal level, developing meaningful relationships and friendships as we help them enjoy the benefits of comprehensive, highly conservative dentistry.

At our office, every patient is family, not a number, and we pride ourselves on being much more than just your ordinary dental office. Once you arrive, you can sit back and relax in our fresh and modern atmosphere, equipped with movies and video games for the entire family to enjoy. Once you enter our treatment rooms, cuddle up with a warm blanket, put on some headphones, and enjoy a wide selection of movies while you get your dental work done. We dare to make it fun for everyone in the family!

We don’t just treat your smile, but partner with you to optimize your oral and overall health for life through our variety of advanced technology, comfortable amenities, conservative treatment planning, and ability to make every patient feel like family. We love making the journey to a healthier smile more comfortable and enjoyable for patients of all ages, from young children to their parents and grandparents.


Dallas Esthetics

Dallas Esthetics
8201 Preston Rd #750, Dallas, TX 75225, United States
+1 214-827-1150

Dallas Esthetics: For over 4 decades, dental patients in University Park, Park Cities, and surrounding Dallas areas have trusted restorative and cosmetic dentists Dr. Higginbottom, Dr. Derksen, and Dr. Hildebrand to provide quality modern dentistry, combined with excellence in customer service and follow-up. Located in the Preston Sherry Plaza, our office is convenient for professionals, as well as patients in the local suburbs.

You’ll never be a name and number here. We get to know our patients personally, checking with them from time to time to see how they are doing after a treatment. Whether you come to our office for cosmetic dentistry — like veneers and teeth whitening — or for major restorative dentistry and dental implants — you can trust that your full oral healthcare and complete comfort are our main concerns.


Neeley Dental Group

Neeley Dental Group
9301 N Central Expy ste 585 tower 2, Dallas, TX 75231, United States
+1 214-646-8208

Neeley Dental Group: Dr. Haifa Jamaleddine (Dr. J) was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and has lived in Texas for almost 20 years. After graduating high school, she moved to Texas with her family and attended the University of Texas in Arlington. She received her bachelor’s in biology and graduated magna cum laude in 2004. She continued on to receive her Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2008 from Baylor College of Dentistry, now Texas A&M College of Dentistry.

Dr. J loves dentistry and volunteers her time at the Texas Mission of Mercy. She stays up to date with all the new technology and advancements in dentistry through continuing education, in order to provide a more comprehensive treatment plan and choices for her patients, including laser dentistry and implants.

Dr. J’s goal as a dentist is to have a trusting relationship with each and every patient. And that her patients trust that they will be getting the best and most comprehensive treatment, in addition to addressing all their dental needs in a comfortable friendly environment. Dr. J is professionally affiliated with the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, the Dallas County Dental Society, and the Texas Association of Women Dentists


Dallas Laser Dentistry

Dallas Laser Dentistry
7557 Rambler Rd Suite 1023, Dallas, TX 75231, United States
+1 214-702-5708

A pleasant pampering and safe environment, dramatically different from most dental offices you’ve visited, awaits you at Dallas Laser Dentistry. Warm moist towels, relaxing views of north Texas from each operatory, clean fresh air, the latest dental technology, and happy staff members create a warm, friendly atmosphere that will reduce your stress and forever change your expectations for dental care in Dallas.

Once you’re here, we’ll carefully listen to understand your needs, desires, and concerns about your smile. Our job is to help you get the healthy smile that’s uniquely you – we don’t do “cookie cutter” smiles! Following diagnosis, we’ll educate you about your options, develop a specific treatment plan, provide payment options, and then make you a dazzling smile that’s contagious!

Whether you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry or are just looking for a great general dentist in Dallas, Texas, our focus on providing an outstanding customer service experience and high-quality dentistry may even make you look forward to visiting the dentist! So, whether you’ve got a perfect track record of dental care or haven’t seen a dentist in years, we’re happy you have chosen us. Call now to schedule an appointment and get the healthiest smile you’ve ever had.


Smiley Dental & Orthodontics

Smiley Dental & Orthodontics
9203 Skillman St, Dallas, TX 75243, United States
+1 214-367-6213

Smiley Dental & Orthodontics: Our skilled Texas dentists are proud to provide a wide variety of dental services, ranging from general, pediatric, and preventive dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. We also offer specialized treatments like endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) and oral surgery (wisdom teeth, simple, and complex extractions) to ensure that we can meet all of your dental needs in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

After graduating with a B.A. in Microbiology at the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Pham earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 1998.


Dulce Dental

Dulce Dental
3225 Fort Worth Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75211, United States
+1 214-337-0153

Achieving and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile is a lifelong pursuit, and the team at Dulce Dental is eager to partner with you and your loved ones to make this goal a reality! We combine comfortable, high-quality care with premium convenience and down-to-earth service. We hope you visit us soon to see why we’re different from other dental offices in the best possible ways.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a senior, or anywhere in between – you’re welcome at Dulce Dental. Our team members have the knowledge and experience to guide patients through every stage of dental development, from the initial loss of baby teeth to replacing permanent teeth. Everyone in your family has their own unique dental needs, and we have the expertise to address all of them right here at our Dallas dental office. Call us today to schedule a visit for the whole family.


Avion Dental & Orthodontics

Avion Dental & Orthodontics
10909 Webb Chapel Rd Suite 159, Dallas, TX 75229, United States
+1 972-807-9887

Imagine telling your child that they need to go to the dentist, and instead of becoming upset, you can see the excitement in their eyes. Imagine actually looking forward to your own dental appointments! That’s the reality for our patients here at Avion Dental & Orthodontics Dallas because we combine premier, affordable dental care with plenty of fun and friendliness. We’re not like any other dental office in the area, and that’s exactly why our patients love us!

Our dental office has a colorful aviation theme and is filled with a wide variety of classic arcade games, making it a place patients of all ages can enjoy. We’ve designed our dental office, so every member of the family feels welcome, whether they are young or just young at heart. You and your loved ones will be greeted by a smile and treated like old friends every time you come to see us…you’ll feel so relaxed that you might even forget that you’re at the dentist!


Dallas Dental Group

Dallas Dental Group
15123 Prestonwood Blvd #140, Dallas, TX 75248, United States
+1 972-644-1998

Welcome to Dallas Dental Group. We are a team of dental professionals located in Dallas, and our mission is to provide a trustworthy and comfortable dental “home” for you and your family. We know that your level of comfort is directly related to our trustworthiness. We understand that each individual is just that: an individual. We believe that each person who walks into our office has different areas of risk, different needs, and different goals for his or her oral health.

At Dallas Dental Group, you are not just a number. We treat you as the individual you are, with customized recommendations based on your unique needs as opposed to a standardized treatment plan. This happens through our pursuit of great communication, thorough information-gathering, and lifelong education. Our team of dental professionals knows that these three things are essential in order to provide you with the highest quality of dental care.

Dental Emergency Services

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Whether your tooth is knocked out or you are experiencing sudden pain, you may need to contact a dental emergency service. These services can provide you with immediate relief and prevent further damage to your teeth and mouth. These types of dental emergencies range in severity from a simple chipped or broken tooth to severe pain and swelling. They can also include walk-in dental services. Regardless of the type of dental emergency, you should always consult with your dentist before scheduling any treatment.

Dental emergencies can take many forms. Some of these are serious and require immediate attention. An abscess is an infection in the gums. A toothache can be caused by a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth. In some cases, a lost crown, filling, or bridge may cause pain and discomfort. A dental abscess is a common dental emergency. If left untreated, an infection can spread to other areas of the body.

In some cases, dental emergencies require immediate care. One of the most common of these is an abscess, which develops when a pocket of pus forms inside a tooth. An abscess can occur from advanced tooth decay, an unsuccessful root canal treatment, or even an injury to a tooth. If left untreated, an abscess can cause serious and potentially life-threatening complications. Abscesses must be treated as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.

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Top 10 Best Dentists Dallas 16

Dental emergencies require urgent care and treatment. In many cases, the patient can receive treatment the same day if they seek emergency care. An emergency dentist can provide same-day services, which is ideal when you have a toothache. If you have a severe oral condition, a dental emergency specialist can diagnose it and offer fast, efficient care. There are no other options to save a tooth or get immediate relief from pain. But if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you’ll need immediate attention right away.

There are several dental emergencies that require immediate care. Infections in the gums can cause a tooth to become infected. A dental emergency is a time to seek treatment immediately. An emergency dentist can treat abscesses on the same day, which is crucial when the infection has reached the gums. In addition to toothaches, abscesses can also be caused by a broken or chipped tooth. An abscess can cause a lot of pain and require immediate treatment.

The most common dental emergency is a toothache. In addition to a toothache, you may also be suffering from a dental abscess, which is an infection that has spread from tooth to tissue. A dentist can diagnose and treat an abscess in an emergency, and provide the proper care. An abscess is a serious situation that requires immediate attention. It may be painful and necessitate emergency care.

Dallas, Texas

Visitors to Dallas, Texas, will be impressed with the modern metropolitan city located in north Texas. A visit to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza commemorates the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. There are also numerous museums and galleries to see, including the Crow Collection of Asian Art, which covers thousands of years of Asian culture. The Nasher Sculpture Center is a showcase for contemporary sculpture.

Those interested in art can check out the Dallas Museum of Art, which features European works by Paul Cezanne and Vincent van Gogh. The museum also showcases ancient American art and decorative arts. Visiting the Museum is one of the top things to do in Dallas. The Mildred R. and Frederick M. Mayer Library offer a wide array of materials for study and research. There are over 50,000 volumes of books in the museum’s library, making it an excellent place to do research.

The Dallas Museum of Art is a must-see for art lovers. This museum features more than 22,000 works of art spanning different eras. Visitors can view the Samurai Collection at the Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum, the Crow Collection of Asian and African art, and the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art. The Meadows is a great place to enjoy Spanish art. It is free to visit Thursdays and Saturdays after 5pm.


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