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A house without a proper plumbing system is like a body without functioning arteries. Good plumbing ensures adequate inflow for water, an outflow of wastewater, and leakage-free piping. Although, as with everything, a plumbing system can age and form rust, leakage, and other issues, it can become inconvenient and sometimes dangerous for occupants without timely maintenance and replacement.  

A leaky pipe or non-functioning water heater can occur anytime in any home or commercial building. It is especially true if you own an older house. So many people invest a good fortune in classic-style bungalows and iconic buildings for their charm and aesthetic. But a hidden plumbing problem can ruin the living experience. Moreover, it can be pretty frustrating for homeowners to see a clogged toilet, non-working water system, and leaking pipes now and then. 

Similarly, outdated fixtures and connections can cause restricted water flow, clogged toilets and bathrooms, and leakages. Unfortunately, amateurish plumbing can also be responsible for some of these problems many a time. Although many people resort to DIY for more minor plumbing problems to save money and time, that’s perfectly fine if it can work as an effective solution. But for frequently occurring problems and appliance or piping replacement, it’s always best to hire a professional plumbing company near you. 

The good news is that there are many professional and experienced plumbing contractors in Louisville suitable for repair, installation, and plumbing maintenance. These top Louisville plumbing companies list their services on the Near Me Business Directory, an excellent online source for finding the best local businesses. In addition, you can find helpful information regarding each listed plumber, including plumbing company review videos, contact, and address.  

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ASI Plumbing

ASI Plumbing
2957 7th Street Rd, Louisville, KY 40216, United States
+1 502-271-1331

We know how vital it is for you to have a comfortable place to live and clean water to drink. For us, it’s all about making sure that your plumbing issues are promptly repaired and serviced with 100% customer satisfaction. 

ASI Plumbing is the trusted Louisville plumbing company with a solid background, reviews, and an A+ BBB rating. Residential and business customers alike rely on ASI Plumbing for their plumbing needs in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding area. 

Our team of expert plumbers can handle everything from a broken water heater to a clogged sewer. Plumbing is all we do, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. While competing on price with other Louisville plumbers, we’ve been giving top-notch service to the community since 2002.


Grahams Plumbing Co. Inc

Grahams Plumbing Co. Inc
3914 Bishop Ln, Louisville, KY 40218, United States
+1 502-452-9135

A+ certified by the Better Business Bureau, Graham’s Plumbing Co. Inc., has been serving the plumbing requirements of Louisville and Southern Indiana since 1975. We specialize in high-end plumbing upgrades and repairs for commercial and residential properties. Our plumbing services are affordable, fast, and professional. 

Our central location provides easy access to highways and supply warehouses, which helps to reach every neighborhood quickly. In addition, we have an organized system and professionally trained plumbers. There is custom-built and labeled shelving in all of our Louisville plumbing service vans. We keep all the essential power tools, plumbing equipment, and over 300 individual parts on hand. 


Daniel Brown Plumbing

Daniel Brown Plumbing
501 Leyton Ave, Louisville, KY 40222, United States
+1 502-296-4829

Daniel Brown Plumbing has one of the best professionals offering excellent workmanship and plumbing services throughout Louisville and surrounding areas. We have a reputation for fixing it right the first time because the second time is free if it’s not. Our fully stocked trucks have everything for emergency repair, drain cleaning, bathroom remodeling, and water system maintenance. 

If you’ve got old pipes or just want a new look for your kitchen, Daniel Brown Plumbing is your plumber. With years of experience and a team of highly trained technicians, rest assured that we will leave your property looking better than it did before. 


Thompson Brothers Plumbing

Thompson Brothers Plumbing
436 Roberts Ave, Louisville, KY 40214, United States
+1 502-742-7500

You can count on us when you need fast, economical residential or commercial plumbing in Louisville. Plumbing is frequently a big problem in Louisville bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Because we specialize in plumbing, we are well-equipped to help you with your kitchen or bathroom remodeling needs, whether updating, repairing, or installing new plumbing.

With Thompson Brothers Plumbing, you can rely on professional, inexpensive installation and repair for new construction to routine maintenance. Our Louisville bathroom and kitchen remodeling services are customized to meet your demands. Your individual needs and budget are taken into consideration before we come up with a cost-effective option. Often, all that is required is upgrading or replacing your current fixtures. However, if your kitchen or bathroom needs more major remodeling, you can rest confident that our plumbers have the skills and certifications to do the job without breaking the bank!


H2O Service LLC

H2O Service LLC
10051 Bunsen Way, Louisville, KY 40299, United States
+1 502-499-0033

H2O Service LLC is one of Louisville’s most trusted plumbing businesses! H2O Service LLC in Louisville, Kentucky, is the company to call when you need plumbing work done right, whether it’s a simple clogged pipe or something more delicate like a sewer repair. 

H2O Service LLC stands out from the competition because of our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to only using the best equipment and techniques for every work. You can count on our experts at H2O Service LLC to provide you with accurate assessments and efficient repairs whenever you need them most.

We’ve been delivering reliable plumbing services to residential and business customers for a long time. Upon arrival, you can expect our plumbers to thoroughly assess the situation and present you with a written quote before any work is done. Once completed, they will clean up everything before leaving the site. 


Glanz and Buffat 

Glanz and Buffat 
3406 College Dr, Louisville, KY 40299, United States
+1 502-230-8674

Glanz and Buffat is a well-known local York dealer with years of experience installing high-quality York HVAC systems. Count on us to keep your heating and air conditioning systems functioning smoothly for years to come. Allow our professionals to demonstrate just how reasonably priced our services are using our many payment alternatives for your convenience. Aside from the quality of our products, our reputation for excellence and integrity is also a reflection of our dedication to the product.


Overflow Plumbing

Overflow Plumbing
2645, 2110 Reynolds Ln rear, Louisville, KY 40218, United States
+1 502-807-6450

At Overflow Plumbing, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by setting our high bar. We’re devoted to providing the industry’s most excellent plumbing products and services. Our specialists will work hard to address your plumbing issues as soon and as cost-efficient as possible, regardless of their scale or size. Then, we’ll keep going till you’re delighted with our services.

Our services range from emergency repair and new installations to gas and water leakage repair. 


Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric

Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric
3718 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40218, United States
+1 502-206-4261

Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric is a locally-owned and operated company committed to bringing you the best service in the industry: a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our residential and commercial plumbing repairs. We care for your plumbing, air conditioning, and electric needs with prompt emergency and regular repair and replacement services. Our professionals offer courteous and professional service and are experts at their craft.

Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric is a fully insured and licensed contractor and has thousands of positive reviews on Google and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, our business ethics and quality services are recognized throughout Louisville neighborhoods.

Our technical professionals and plumbers are well-equipped to handle residential plumbing repair, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and electrical repair and installation. In addition, we have a fleet of 60 service trucks loaded with the latest equipment and supplies and over 70 years of combined professional experience, making Tom Drexler an undisputed choice for home renovation and emergency repair services. 


Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating and Air

Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating and Air
3416 Robards Ct, Louisville, KY 40218, United States
+1 502-805-6130

Our employees are what set Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating and Air apart from the competition. Even after hours or on the weekends, we’ll do our best to resolve your issue quickly and courteously. You can rely on our highly trained, certified plumbers to get the job done rapidly and correctly. In addition, our staff is committed to providing the most outstanding customer service in the area.

We provide the same high-quality plumbing services to all clients, regardless of project size or expense. In addition, we stand by our work, materials, and assistance even after project completion.

Dauenhauer Plumbing offers plumbing, heating, and HVAC services for commercial and residential properties. Our plumbing services range from new construction and emergency plumbing to drain cleaning and sewer replacement. Those concerned about money can take advantage of easy financing for low-interest HVAC and plumbing finance. 


Maeser Plumbing

Maeser Plumbing
11101 Electron Dr, Louisville, KY 40299, United States
+1 502-209-7848

At Maeser Plumbing, we understand that your time is precious. That’s why we are available 24/7 for any plumbing emergency. Louisville residents can also use our online tool to estimate the price for the repair and replacement of heating, air conditioning, or plumbing systems.

Whether it’s a pipe leakage or deteriorating indoor air quality, we will conduct a thorough analysis and offer the best possible solution at cost-effective pricing. Our thousands of positive reviews on online consumer forums are a testimony of our unmatched plumbing and repair services since 1975. 

Those looking for complete peace of mind from untimely plumbing problems, heating, and air conditioning breakdowns can take advantage of The Maeser 5 Star Club membership, which includes emergency repair, quality products, verified and licensed technicians, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. 

When to hire a professional plumbing company?

Top Plumbers Louisville
Top 10 Best Plumbers Louisville 16

A plumbing problem doesn’t come with our convenience or see the timing. However, there are various ways to identify a possible plumbing issue beforehand and do the appropriate repair or replacement with the help of an experienced plumber. Here are a few hidden signs that indicate a plumbing problem.  

If you find discoloration in the sink pipe, it can signal moisture formation, usually present around the union. Dripping sink or drain lines and leaking supply pipes can be the probable culprits for moisture. Therefore, replacement or timely plumbing repair should be your top priority.

Whenever you detect a stench of sewage gas in your home, you know something is wrong. For minor issues, re-filling the dry trap can remove the smell. However, finding the leak can be challenging for those without plumbing knowledge. On the other hand, a professional plumber can identify a crack or leakage in the system through the camera and do the drywall repair. 

Best Plumbers Louisville
Top 10 Best Plumbers Louisville 17

Low water pressure or a sluggish flow are signs of a problem with the water distribution system. There is a good chance that the problem is in the faucet aerator, which is a simple fix with an adjustable wrench and pliers. However, if there is lower water flow in most appliances, water main, and water heater, this could indicate a more significant plumbing issue, such as a leak in the supply line. In that case, contacting a sewer line or plumbing expert is perhaps the best way to understand the underlying issue and find an appropriate solution. 

Moisture is the most common cause of bubbling or peeling paint on a wall or ceiling. Roofing or plumbing leaks are the most typical causes of this pain. Investigate any paint bubbles, blisters, or brown stains on a ceiling or wall. 

Besides these common problems, increased monthly water bills and slow drain can also be the symptom of a failing plumbing system, requiring immediate repair and replacement services from experienced plumbers. 

Louisville, Kentucky

Top 10 Best Plumbers Louisville
Top 10 Best Plumbers Louisville 18

Founded in 1778 and named after France’s Louis XVI, Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the oldest settlements west of the Appalachians. It was initially used as a portage location because the adjacent Falls of Ohio were the last major obstacle to river travel between upper Ohio and the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, Louisville is a thriving city with a cultural heritage and modern amenities. It is also known as the home of legendary individuals and companies, including one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mohammad Ali, and the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Those planning to relocate or start a career can find good opportunities in industrial districts and safe living conditions in residential blocks. For example, Louisville is considered one of the safest cities in the USA, according to WalletHub and the recent Crime in Metropolitan Report. Though petty crime is a problem in almost every metropolitan, fanciful depictions of downtown do not reflect every day or nightly experience that locals, families, and visitors have there.

Located in the middle of Kentucky and southern Indiana, Louisville serves as a regional financial and cultural powerhouse for 24 neighboring counties. In addition, many prominent manufacturers and service companies have established their facilities and offices to exploit its strategic location. In sum, Louisville has emerged as one of the best locations for businesses and people. 


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