Top 10 Best Roofers in Tulsa

Top 10 Best Roofers in Tulsa

If you have seen a few homes with damaged roofs or think that your roof might be beginning to show signs of premature aging, then perhaps it is time for you to consider re-roofing.

If the old roof isn’t replaced, water will constantly find its way into the roofing system, leading to rot and roof collapse. In addition, old roofs can become unstable due to high winds and storms. They can also pose a fire hazard in many cases.

In colder climates, snow and ice can contribute to increased heating expenses. In some areas, roofing materials can even deteriorate after just a few years.

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If you want to contact a roofing company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, here is our list of top ten roofing companies:

Top Roofing Company in Tulsa

Conrad’s Roofing

5630 S 107th E Ave unit c, Tulsa, OK 74146, United States
+1 918-955-6722

Conrad's Roofing

Conrad’s Roofing specializes in all types of renovations, including storm damage and insurance claims related to hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, water and fire losses, and more. Every customer and project is assigned a roofing specialist to answer questions and see the work through from start to finish. From your initial consultation through construction and final clean-up, your Conrad’s Roofing specialist will be there every step of the way.

Only Conrad’s Roofing can guarantee and deliver this kind of personalized service.
We have the resources, financial strength, and stability that make us a leader in our industry.
We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Arrowhead Roofing

5810 S 118th E Ave Suite A, Tulsa, OK 74146, United States
+1 918-743-9257

Arrowhead Roofing

Arrowhead Roofing provides personalized service with expert installations. We have the resources, financial strength, and stability that make us a leader in our industry. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

We have earned a great reputation for excellence since 1987. We know that there is no point in showering our clients with attention if our expert craftsmen cannot deliver an excellent, completed roofing project.

Our employees are not yesterday’s tradesmen or unemployed workers from other industries. We are highly trained at what we do. Our company goals show owners that we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our workers.

Pro-Tech Roofing Inc.

1107 N 105th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74116, United States
+1 918-250-7663

Pro-Tech Roofing Inc.

Pro-Tech Roofing Inc Has been in business since 1991. Licensed in Idaho, Oregon. We specialize in applying single-ply roofing systems. Our reputation for the successful, timely completion of complicated and/or accelerated projects has the highest categorical completion ratings of “straight a”, “10 points”, or “outstanding” by manufacturers’ technical representatives.

We have gained “all-star contractor” status with Genflex roofing systems and “eagle contractor” status with Burkeline roofing systems & “master select” with GAFMC which allows us to attain the warranty prior to the job completion. We have built an excellent reputation with architects, builders, manufacturers, and suppliers and we are determined to maintain and improve that reputation.

T-Town Roofing

5770 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74135, United States
+1 918-212-8184

T-Town Roofing

With over 40 years of experience serving Oklahoma, we have the track record that establishes “we are here today, and here to stay.”

At T-Town Roofing, we take pride in growing and developing our team so we can better serve our clients and our community. It is through this dedication to learning and staying on top of new technology and industry standards, that we have gained our reputation of excellence. We don’t take our relationships lightly.

We have learned over the years what our clients want. While each client and their project has its own unique attributes, the overall desire of each seems to be the same… Excellence. So that’s what we provide!

Burggraf Roofing

400 S Rockford Ave A110, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States
+1 918-370-4444


Burggraf Roofing is a locally owned and operated company serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. With over 25 years of experience in the roofing industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable choice for all of your roofing needs.

At Burggraf Roofing, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our team of certified and experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your roofing project is completed to the highest standards. We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure that your roof will last for years to come.

Our services include residential and commercial roofing, as well as repair and maintenance services. Whether you need a new roof installed, an old roof repaired, or just some routine maintenance, we have the expertise to get the job done right. We offer a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, flat roofing, and more. No matter what type of roof you have, we have the skills and experience to handle it.

In addition to our roofing services, we also offer gutter installation and repair. We understand that your gutters play a critical role in protecting your home or business from water damage, and we take great care to ensure that they are properly installed and maintained.

A-Best Roofing

1411 E 3rd St, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States
+1 918-587-1426

A-Best Roofing

Deeply rooted in Oklahoma, A-Best Roofing has provided top-quality roofing in Tulsa, OK, and surrounding areas since 1988. We are dedicated to being honest, and trustworthy, and using our experience to benefit you. Whether you need small repairs or a replacement. We will treat your home, family, and your business as if it’s our own.

A-Best Roofing works with a wide spectrum of outstanding products in order to give you a variety of options. We have our own metal shop, which allows us to provide you with a high level of customization. Whatever you need, A-Best Roofing will work with you to find the best solution at the highest quality.

Elliott Roofing

1212 E 1st St #103, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States
+1 918-524-4646

Elliott Roofing

Whether you are an industrial company building from the ground up or want to update a residential home’s new roof, we are Oklahoma City and Tulsa’s roofing experts. Elliott Roofing specializes in residential and commercial roofing, insurance claims, and roof repair. We provide the most comprehensive roofing solutions and are committed to improving Oklahoma communities. Call Elliott Roofing today for your free roofing estimate!

As a recognized leader in the roofing industry, Elliott Roofing promises to continually use our Platinum Certification to provide the best quality customer service and craftsmanship available. You can rest assured that we understand the latest trends and technologies in the roofing industry, thanks to our work with other Platinum Contractors around the country.

C & S Roofing

2226 S 92nd E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74129, United States
+1 918-438-4442

C & S Roofing

If you are looking for a roofing company that has extensive expertise, excellent customer service, and affordable prices, you have come to the right place. CS Roofing has been in the business for years and we are here to help you with any roofing needs that you may have.

Our clients consist of residential homeowners, as well as commercial and industrial building owners. We have experience solving all different types of roofing problems, repairing roof leaks, and replacing most roofing materials.

When you need a Roofing Company in Hillsdale, Coldwater, Jackson, Adrian, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Ann Arbor & Sturgis areas, call us today!

Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering

1244 N Darlington Ave, Tulsa, OK 74115, United States
+1 918-266-7946

Shew's Top Quality Roofing and Guttering

Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering is a company that’s focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

Established in 1999, Brian & Derek Shew started Shew’s Guttering which later grew into Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering. Shew’s Top Quality has replaced thousands of guttering systems and roofs in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City (OKC) Metro Areas and throughout Oklahoma. After all that time, we’re proud to say that most of our customers still come from that most effective form of advertising – word of mouth.

We believe our success is because we truly are focused on quality and customer satisfaction. We prove this every day by using only the finest materials and employing only the most skilled workers.

Roof Nerds

1441 E 41st St, Tulsa, OK 74105, United States
+1 918-973-1010

Roof Nerds

Here at Advance commercial systems, home of the Roof Nerds, and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we know the purpose and the importance of roofs.

We would love to help you with your roof Endeavors, and you can start by calling us at 918-973-1010. Our Roof Nerds are Extreme Experts in Commercial Roofing our systems are genius and we work on built-up Roofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen Roofing, steep slope Roofing, and roof coatings.

There’s lots of science behind the roofing systems that we install we use our technical expertise that is critical for commercial roof replacing, restoration, and maintenance.

When You Need Your Roof In Perfect Shape In Tulsa Oklahoma

Top Roofer Tulsa

When it comes to residential roofing in Tulsa, you have lots of choices out there these days. Among them are types of roofs such as asphalt shingles and metal roofs.

Although they’re certainly some of the most popular types of roofing, you’ll discover that each one of these has its own unique set of benefits and disadvantages. Asphalt shingles, for example, tend to be the cheapest and are the least durable among the types of roofs, while metal roofs on the other hand can provide strong protection from the hottest of summer sun and even hail.

Whether you’re looking for a roof that will provide adequate protection against hurricanes or you need a roof that will provide protection against strong tornadoes, there are plenty of options that can cater to your needs. A quality roof repair and roofing company in Tulsa will always be able to provide you with an expertly designed roof for your home, office or other commercial building. Asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and other types of roofs will all differ in their installation requirements, quality of materials used, cost, durability, etc.

So, when it comes to residential roofing in Tulsa, keep in mind that the most important thing you should look for is the expertise of the roofing company you hire. You should never settle for roofing experts who’ve never installed a single roof before.

Best Roofing Company Tulsa

Instead, ask around and find the names of at least two or three reputable roofing experts you can hire for an inspection and estimate on the roofing needs of your home or business. Let your roofing experts give you a free estimate, and make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for because residential roofing in Tulsa doesn’t have to be expensive.

When you want to find the perfect roofing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you must choose a company that has years of experience behind them. The best way to choose a roofing company is to ask for referrals from people that you know and trust. Ask them what they think about the company they got their roofing from. Also, you can get great recommendations by talking to people that have already gotten their roofs installed. By talking to people that are already satisfied with their roofing in Tulsa you have a better chance of getting a good roof that will last for years. It also helps to talk to your roofing contractor and see what they think about the type of roof you’re planning on installing.

Once you’ve found a few roofing companies that you feel comfortable working with you can go and meet with them to get some quotes. If you can’t meet with the roofing company in person, you should still be able to get some great quotes online. Simply visit your favorite insurance site and search for Tulsa roofing companies. After you’ve got a few quotes, you can start comparing them. You should take your time comparing your options because choosing the right roofing in Tulsa can make a big difference in the way that your home looks.

Tulsa Oklahoma

If you are visiting Oklahoma, you should plan to spend at least part of your holiday in Tulsa Oklahoma, the second-largest city in all of Oklahoma. Tulsa is also the state capital. It is the gateway city to the scenic Buck Creek Canyon and is known for the legendary Stillwater Mountains. The tourist attractions of Tulsa are varied and many people enjoy a stay here to get away from the hectic pace of city life.

The tourist attractions of Tulsa include the four major Mesopotamian cities: Ur, Laguna, Alanya, and Tulus. These places are popular tourist destinations because they offer some great attractions for all ages. The places to visit in Alanya include the harbor area where a great deal of pleasure boat tours are available, the City Center, which serves as the focal point for much of the arts community, the Hippodrome, and the Museum of Ancient Things, which is a prehistoric site. The hippodrome was a major attraction in ancient times and is still a popular venue for shows today.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Cedar Point Amusement Park, which is a hot spot for many tourists. The park offers fun rides for young and old alike along with camping accommodations and picnic areas. Another popular place is the Cedar Point State, Historic Park. It is one of the earliest state parks and has many interesting historical features. For those who prefer to stay off the beaten path, Spirit Mountain and Big Hole lake offer wonderful outdoor adventures. The tourist attractions of Tulsa will leave with good memories of family and friends.

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1. The average roofing contractor in Tulsa employs 9 people

2. The roofing industry in Tulsa is expected to grow by 3% in the next year

3. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, there are many roofing companies that provide services to residents and businesses.

4. The average roofing project in Tulsa takes 45 days to complete

5. There are currently 2,711 roofing projects underway in Tulsa

6. The most common type of roofing material used in Tulsa is asphalt shingles.

7. These companies offer a variety of services, including roof repair, roof replacement, and new roof installation.

8. In addition, they offer a variety of financing options, including financing through the government’s Small Business Administration.

1. Where can I find roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma?

There are many roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma that you can find by doing a simple search online. You can also find roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma by asking around your local area for recommendations. You can also find roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma by visiting your local home improvement store or by searching the yellow pages.

2. Where do roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma work?

There are many roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma that work in a variety of places. Some roofers work on residential homes, while others work on commercial buildings. Some roofers work for roofing companies, while others are self-employed. No matter where a roofer works, they all have one goal in mind: to provide quality roofing services to their customers.
Residential roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma typically work on homes that are in need of roof repairs or replacements.

3. Where do roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma live?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no one specific area that all roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma live in. However, it is safe to say that most roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma likely live in or near the city of Tulsa itself. This is due to the fact that Tulsa is the largest city in Oklahoma and therefore has the largest population of roofers.

4. What are the average costs for roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma?

The average cost for roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma is $250 per square foot. This price can range from $200 to $300 per square foot depending on the roofing contractor, the type of roof, the size of the roof, and the complexity of the roof.

5. What are the benefits of a new roof?

A new roof can offer many benefits to a homeowner. Some of these benefits can include:

1. A new roof can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
2. A new roof can help to protect your home from weather damage.
3. A new roof can help to increase the value of your home.
4. A new roof can help to reduce the amount of noise that enters your home.

6. How often should a roof be inspected?

A roof should be inspected at least once a year to ensure that it is in good condition and to identify any potential problems. However, if you live in an area with severe weather conditions, you may need to inspect your roof more frequently.

7. What is the average cost of materials?

The average cost of materials can vary greatly depending on the type and quality of materials used. For example, the cost of a gallon of paint can range from $20 to $100, while the cost of a sheet of plywood can range from $10 to $50. The cost of materials also depends on the quantity needed and the geographical location.

8. Is replacing your roof a good investment?

One study finds that a new roof is a reasonable investment. … That new roof will increase the home’s value by $15,427, on average. That works out to 68 percent of the investment. Yet, other research has found that a new roof adds much more to the appraisal value.

9. What type of roofing lasts the longest?

The roofing material that lasts the longest are concrete, clay or slate tiles. These materials significantly outperform other natural products like wood shakes or any manufactured roofing materials including asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Although these materials have a good lifespan, they are not as durable.

10. How do you ensure a quality roofing job?

There are a few key things to remember when ensuring a quality roofing job. First, make sure to work with a reputable and licensed roofing contractor. Ask to see their credentials and check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed against them.
Next, be sure to get a detailed estimate of the work to be done, including the materials to be used and the price. Get at least three estimates to compare before making a final decision.

11. How long does a roof typically last?

An asphalt roof about 20 years. For a standard 3-tab asphalt shingle roof, that’s 25-years. As long as your roof has been properly ventilated and installed you should get pretty close to that 25 years of roof life.

12. What type of roofing materials do roofers usually use?

There are many types of roofing materials available on the market today, and the type of material you use will depend on the specific needs of your home or business. Some of the most common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile roofing, and slate roofing. Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing material, and they are available in a variety of colors and styles to match any home or business.

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