Top 10 Best Plumbers Portland

Top 10 Best Plumbers Portland

Plumbing work in development includes planning and installing pipe systems for a building. This work is normally separated from the water and sewage frameworks that serve a city or group of buildings. A plumber’s job is varied, and the person might be the main individual engaged with the plan of a structure’s clean framework. A plumber’s role may likewise incorporate the establishment of fire-concealment systems and the plan of water supply and drainage systems.

A few jobs in plumbing incorporate installing and fixing plumbing fixtures and repairing the pipes and fittings in a current structure. Plumbers may likewise supervise helpers or train apprentices. They frequently work close to other construction laborers. While handymen’s profit can shift generally, the median salary is higher than for other construction trades. In addition, numerous plumbers are individuals from labor unions, which arrange compensation for their individuals. As well as being talented at their art, plumbing laborers likewise need to have great communication skills.

Plumbing work in construction is vital for a building to function. In addition, it is essential for the safety and hygiene of the building, so a plumber is an essential part of the construction process. Typically, approximately 8% of the total cost of a construction project involves plumbing. A plumber will install plumbing fixtures and systems and maintain them. They must be experienced, hardworking, and good communicators. They should be able to communicate with clients. A handyman ought to be a diligent employee with great relational abilities and a decent comprehension of the whole framework.

Plumbing work in development is fundamental for a structure to work. It is fundamental for the security and cleanliness of the structure, so a handyman is a fundamental piece of the construction process. A handyman will introduce plumbing installations and frameworks and keep up with them. They should be able to communicate with clients.

Near Me Business Directory lists top local plumbers in Portland. The online directory provides detailed information about each listed plumbing company so customers can choose the best service provider for their plumbing requirements. 

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Top 10 Plumbing Companies in Portland

Drain Away Rooter

5320 S Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239, United States
+1 503-650-8201

Drain Away Rooter

Drain Away Rooter is a family-owned company and has faith in supporting the local neighborhood area, so we purchase locally. We are a team of husband and wife, with professionals like family and will treat you right. Try not to blindly trust us; read testimonials.

We don’t use synthetic compounds to wipe out your drains. Instead, we use water, but with our hardcore water streaming gear. This is good for the earth and great for your health too. Have sewer lines that need to be repaired but don’t want to ruin your yard and pay thousands more than you need to? We use trenchless technology for sewer excavation, so you can breathe a sigh of relief, realizing you are in good hands and your landscaping will stay in one piece.

We give a 10% discount to seniors (65+) and Active Duty/Veterans on all small plumbing jobs like drain cleaning and are certified in lead-based paint, so we can work with you.

Proline Plumbing And Sewer

8023 SE Martins Ct St, Portland, OR 97206, United States
+1 877-376-2713

Proline Plumbing And Sewer

PROline Plumbing and Sewer is a 24hr Comprehensive Plumbing Service Provider offering general and modified plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial properties in the Vancouver/Portland Metro and surrounding regions. We work with a diverse range of clients from non-profits, restaurant chains, beauty parlors, supermarkets, private homeowners, property management companies, investment organizations, and more.

Here at PROline, we can give our clients a dependable, single resource for all plumbing services, sewer, gas funneling, and plumbing support services. What makes us exceptional in the business! PROline Plumbing and Sewer holds a remarkable spot in the industry because of the instant response times and 24/7 On-call services.

Park Place Plumbing

Portland, OR 97233, United States
+1 971-303-9322

Park Place Plumbing

Park Place Plumbing is glad to give Top Hat Service to the Portland and SW Washington Metro region! 

The company is happy to give free estimates, up-front pricing, and no secret expenses or charges. We guarantee to resolve all of your different kinds of questions and concerns. Whether it’s a leaking water heater, clogged drain, or broken pipes, we are here to give Portland’s Top Hat Service.

We serve Portland and the surrounding regions, including Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Gresham, Fairview, Troutdale, Clark County, and Vancouver.

Crouchley Plumbing Co

8717 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203, United States
+1 503-286-4431

Crouchley Plumbing Co

Crouchley Plumbing Co is a locally owned family business serving the Portland Metro region for over 100 years. At Crouchley Plumbing, we promise to provide our clients with quality plumbing work installed by clean, friendly, knowledgeable plumbers. Call us today for all your pipes needs, and kindly remember


We give the best of guaranteed service for Gas and Electric water heaters, on-demand water heaters, faucet, sinks tubs, water closet repairs or replacement, waste disposals, instant hot dishwasher water services, sink, tub, and water storeroom stoppages, remodel, waste and water repair, gas piping, backflow testing, and much more.

Cornel’s Plumbing Inc.

14271 NW Science Park Dr, Portland, OR 97229, United States
+1 503-558-2474

Cornel's Plumbing Inc.

Cornel’s Plumbing Inc.: Do you have an issue with your plumbing? Do you need quick help? Are you searching for a trustworthy expert? Then, this is the ideal opportunity to contact our Portland plumbing organization. We are an authorized and locally operated plumbing company serving residential owners in and around Portland, Oregon, for over 20 years. Our qualities like incredible skill, great service, work ethics, and prompt assistance have helped us turn into a household name and the go-to Portland plumbing service partner. 

No matter the job, we have the right tools! Whether your job requires drain cameras or an excavator, we have the proper gear to get your drains flowing once again! Regardless of the situation, our certified experts will see the job from start to finish.

Our 5-star client service is unparalleled! As a family-run business, we will deal with you and treat you as a part of our family. From our office staff to our technicians, you are our #1 priority.

Service Plus Plumbing

12035 NE Sumner St, Portland, OR 97220, United States
+1 503-927-4482

Service Plus Plumbing

With almost 20 years of experience in the plumbing business, we are sure that you won’t find better help elsewhere other than Service Plus Plumbing. Our pipes professionals are extremely talented and proficient in all plumbing administrations and Portland’s private pipes frameworks. As neighborhood plumbing project workers, we know precisely what it takes to deal with all of your Portland plumbing needs. So allow our company to communicate everything for us at Service Plus Plumbing, the Portland plumbing specialists!

At the point when you really want plumbing service from an expert and experienced local plumbing contractor in Portland, call Service Plus Plumbing! We offer free estimates with no trip expenses since we need to ensure that you get legit and forthright proposals from a quality plumbing contractor that you can trust. Also, if you choose to work with us, we will just charge you for the completed work, not toss the expense of an estimate in with the final cost like other plumbing companies will sometimes do.


3901 SE Naef Rd, Portland, OR 97267, United States
+1 503-676-3449


The 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air history has an interesting journey that established the groundwork for the strongest brand inside the business. In 1999, the 1-800-PLUMBER® name and telephone number were secured, prompting the notable “Our Name is Our Number!” slogan. In 2010, Mark Collins joined the 1-800-PLUMBER® brand as a franchisee, and afterward, in April 2015, they bought the 1-800-PLUMBER® brand and created the foundation expected to grow 1-800-PLUMBER® into a household name all through the country.

Today, 1-800-PLUMBER® + air locations can be tracked down across the US. Our franchisees endeavor to make us the greatest brand in the business through genuineness and trustworthiness, amazing skill, and craftsmanship. Our teams accomplish this by doing what they say they will, continuously telling the truth, preparing their colleagues to behave expertly, and using talented, skilled workers within the industry.

Crown Plumbing

5429 SE Francis St, Portland, OR 97206, United States
+1 503-771-9449

Crown Plumbing

Enrolling the services of a certified plumber is easier said than done.

That is why it’s essential to find an accomplished plumbing contractor with brilliant references, master plumbing abilities, and the knowledge expected to finish the job. So how would you approach finding the ideal individual for your pipes needs? That is Simple. Call us! We guarantee your plumbing is done right the first time, we stand behind our work, and we give our best to ensure that Crown Plumbing is the final Portland Plumber you’ll ever need to call!

Since you contact us on the telephone, Crown Plumbing delivers extraordinary customer service. Our trucks are completely loaded, and we have a stock of plumbing parts and supplies close at hand to deal with any project, large or small.

Hiring a decent plumber in Portland isn’t as easy as getting a telephone directory or looking through the internet and calling the first plumber you find. The good news, though, is that you shouldn’t need to look any further on the off chance that you’re searching for an established, top-notch plumber. You’re in good hands with us!

Meticulous Plumbing

11918 NE Summer St, Portland, OR, 97220, United States
+1 503-208-2812

Meticulous Plumbing

We are a locally and family-owned/operated company. With a wide foundation to give the choices expected to solve any plumbing issue permanently; while consistently taking a gander at new technology and cleaner options. Meticulous Plumbing is very much experienced in the Plumbing field to serve the extraordinary and various Portland regions.

With our objectives being a “Quality-Based Company,” we truly provide pricing before starting any undertaking with an accentuation on our Clients. Meticulous will remain with any project until your issues are settled, in a perfect, respectful, and proficient degree of craftsmanship. If there are any dangers to a project, Meticulous will inform our Clients and give choices to eliminate those dangers or remove them before they occur. Not explain to them after we’ve gotten into a project. 

We offer a home inspection of your plumbing system at the time of service. This inspection is an attempt to head off any potential issues you might have. We don’t compel you to allow us to inspect your home. We strongly feel this is your home, and having consent to inspect and involve our Clients is regard for your home and family.

Clog Pro

833 SE Main St Mailbox 210, Portland, OR 97214, United States
+1 503-433-2949

Clog Pro

Clog Pro is a quality-centered, family-claimed business serving the Portland Metro Area. Owner/Operator Marsh Warren has more than 35 years of experience in the plumbing field. Clog Pro is a BBB Accredited business focused on offering the greatest support to all clients, beginning with the initial call made to our client service department.

Clog Pro employees are kept up to date with changes and updates to plumbing codes and strategies. We give total drain cleaning and plumbing fixes. In addition, we use the latest technology in water and sewer line fix and replacement.

Which began as a one-man operation, became an undeniable association, employing probably the best local plumbers. Our plumbers know about the best plumbing needs available in the Pacific Northwest. We get numerous references from local plumbers, which is a genuine demonstration of our great practices, which gather the trust of our peers. We don’t compromise, conduct ourselves honestly using required permits, and always maintain our practice is up to code. As a result, we are known not just in the community but by inspectors and city and council workers for our integrity.

What is the impact of plumbers on society?

Top 10 Best Plumbers Portland

Being a plumber is a physically demanding job. Individuals in this calling don’t simply unclog drains and fix spigots; they are answerable for gathering, establishing, and fixing lines, installations, and fittings. This plumbing permits us to effortlessly get to water and gas and discard squanders. These benefits greatly affect our lives — and more profoundly — than many individuals understand.

The following are a couple of ways that society relies upon plumbers:


Did you know that the World Health Organization has announced plumbers to be the most significant cutting edge wellbeing laborers on the planet? Plumbers can configure plumbing systems that give us access to clean water sources with their insight and skill. 

Best Plumbers in Portland
Top 10 Best Plumbers Portland 14


Plumbing isn’t just for the assortment, transportation, and dispersal of clean water; it can likewise be utilized to eliminate fluids and waste. Plumbers work to guarantee that plumbing frameworks perform garbage removal proficiently and safely. This makes it conceivable to isolate your clean water from unsafe pollutants.


Sadly, clean water is a limited asset, meaning it’s critical to utilize it astutely and augment our utilization productivity. Plumbers and the pipes business assist us with upgrading our water utilization through innovation and water the board. In addition, they work to guarantee there’s generally sufficient water to go around.

Portland, Oregon

Top 10 Best Plumbers Portland

Portland is a city of regional significance to the Pacific Northwest and the biggest city in the US territory of Oregon. Named after Portland, Maine, the Oregon settlement started to be populated during the 1830s, near the Oregon Trail. Its water access gave helpful transportation of products, and the timber business was a major force in the city’s initial economy. Starting during the 1960s, Portland became noted for its progressive political values, procuring it a reputation as a bastion of counter-culture.

Portland has a practical abundance of natural magnificence,  from amazing parks and blooming bushes lining, to pretty residential streets and the Willamette River meandering through town, and Mt Hood on the horizon. On a public scale, Portland is a trailblazer in earth-cognizant public strategy and progressive urban planning, and with some 30% of the city covered in tree shade, the place feels like a breath of fresh air. The metro area boasts 37,000 acres of green space – which you’ll find Portlanders enjoying in any season, rain be damned.

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1. There are 1,720 licensed plumbers in Portland

2. There are approximately 100 plumbing companies in Portland

3. There are 10 plumbing schools in Oregon

4. Plumbers in Portland are required to complete continuing education courses every two years to maintain their license.

5. The average length of time it takes to complete a plumbing program is two years

6. Contractor plumbers must have at least eight years of experience and must pass an exam to become licensed.

7. Residential specialists must have at least four years of experience and must pass an exam to become licensed.

8. There are four levels of plumbers in Portland: journeyman, residential specialist, master, and contractor.

1. What is the average cost of a plumber in Portland?

The cost of a plumber in Portland can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size and scope of the project, the experience and expertise of the plumber, and the location of the project. However, as a general rule of thumb, the average cost of a plumber in Portland is between $50 and $100 per hour.

2. What is the average cost of a plumbing project in Portland?

The cost of plumbing projects can vary greatly depending on the specific project. However, according to the website, the average cost of a plumbing project in Portland is $321, with most homeowners spending between $168 and $507. Factors that can affect the cost of a plumbing project include the size and scope of the project, the type of materials used, the complexity of the job, and the experience of the plumber.

3. What are the most common plumbing problems in Portland?

The most common plumbing problems in Portland are:
Clogged drains: Over time, your drains can become clogged with hair, soap scum, and other debris. This can cause your drains to become slow or even completely blocked.
Leaky pipes: Pipes can develop leaks over time due to corrosion or damage. These leaks can be small, or they can be large enough to cause significant damage to your home.

4. What are the most common causes of plumbing problems in Portland?

There are many common causes of plumbing problems in Portland. Some of the most common include:
-Tree roots growing into and clogging sewer lines
-Sewer lines that are old and in need of repair or replacement
Grease and other debris buildup in sewer lines
Clogged or broken pipes
Leaking pipes
Faulty fixtures or appliances
Poorly installed plumbing

5. What are the most common solutions to plumbing problems in Portland?

There are a few different ways to approach plumbing problems in Portland. The most common solutions tend to be either fixing the problem yourself, or hiring a professional to come and take care of it for you.
If you’re the do-it-yourself type, the most common solution is to simply identify the problem and then take the necessary steps to fix it. This can often be done by simply replacing a faulty part, or by following some simple troubleshooting steps.

6. What are the most common plumbers in Portland?

There are a few different types of plumbers in Portland. The most common type is the residential plumber. These plumbers typically work on smaller projects in homes and apartments. They may also be called upon to do some commercial work, but their main focus is on residential projects.
The next most common type of plumber in Portland is the commercial plumber. These plumbers typically work on larger projects in office buildings, retail stores, and other commercial buildings.

7. What are the most common types of plumbing in Portland?

There are a few different types of plumbing that are common in Portland. One type is PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, piping. This is a strong and durable type of piping that is often used for sewer and drainage systems. It is also common in some homes for the main water line. Another type of plumbing that is common in Portland is copper piping. This is often used for the main water line in a home as well as for gas lines.

8. What are the most common brands of plumbing in Portland?

There are a few different brands of plumbing that are common in Portland. Some of the most common brands are PEX, PVC, and CPVC. These are all different types of piping that are commonly used in plumbing. PEX is a type of plastic piping that is commonly used in plumbing. PVC is another type of plastic piping that is commonly used in plumbing. CPVC is a type of plastic piping that is commonly used in plumbing.

9. What are the most common materials used in plumbing in Portland?

There are a few different types of materials that are commonly used in plumbing in Portland. One of the most common materials is PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a type of plastic that is often used in plumbing because it is durable and resistant to corrosion. PVC is often used for pipes and fittings. Another common material used in plumbing is copper. Copper is a durable metal that is resistant to corrosion and is often used for pipes and fittings.

10. What are the most common methods of plumbing in Portland?

There are a few different types of plumbing that are common in Portland. One type is called “gravity fed” and it uses the force of gravity to move water through the pipes. This type of plumbing is often used in older homes. Another type of plumbing is called “pressure fed” and it uses pumps to move water through the pipes. This type of plumbing is often used in newer homes.

11. Where can I find a list of plumbers in the Portland area?

There are a few ways that you can find a list of plumbers in the Portland area. One way is to search online. You can try searching on Google or another search engine, or you can try looking on a directory site like Yelp or Angie’s List. Another way to find a list of plumbers in the Portland area is to ask around. You can ask your friends, family, or neighbors if they know of any good plumbers in the area.

12. Where can I find reviews of plumbers in the Portland area?

There are a few ways that you can find reviews of plumbers in the Portland area. One way is to ask friends or family members if they have any recommendations. Another way is to search online for customer reviews.
A quick Google search will reveal a number of customer review sites where you can read reviews of local businesses, including plumbers. Some of the most popular review sites include Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List.

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