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It’s easy to find a roofing contractor in Fort Worth, but are you certain that they can offer the roofing services that you need? Roof installation and repair are not tasks that anyone can do and it requires well-trained professionals. It means that you need to be very picky when hiring a roofing company.

Before you consider a roofing company, it is better to know the best contractors in your area so you won’t have to blindly search online. We listed down some of the most reliable and dependable roofing contractors that you can hire for your projects here in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Ferris Roofing Contractors

Ferris Roofing Contractors
1919 Hemphill St, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States
+1 888-939-7663

Here at Ferris Roofing Contractors, we believe in honest hard work and stringent attention to detail. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the highest possible quality products, and construction at a fair and reasonable price. Our dedication to our craft and to our clients is beyond comparison, it shows in our work. So, when it comes to your home or business, leave the roofing to the experts, Ferris Roofing Contractors.

Our fundamental approach to business is unlike any other company in our industry. We believe that the key to building the perfect roof not only takes hands-on experience but also knowledge that can only be obtained through the classroom.


Lon Smith Roofing & Construction

Lon Smith Roofing & Construction
904 E Waggoman St, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States
+1 817-926-8400

When Lon Smith began his small roofing company in 1974, he never dreamed it would grow into one of the largest and most successful roofing contractors in the United States. However, more than 40 years later, Lon Smith Roofing is clearly recognized as a leader in the industry.

Today, having served in more than 14 cities and seven states, Texas-based Lon Smith Roofing & Construction has replaced in excess of 100,000 roofs and is the largest residential roofing company in Texas, forging the most TRUSTED name in the roofing industry. Lon Smith Roofing consistently ranks as one of America’s Top 25 roofing contractors by leading industry trade publications.


Old Pro Roofing

Old Pro Roofing
6040 Camp Bowie Blvd Suite 55B, Fort Worth, TX 76116, United States
+1 817-929-7663

Old Pro Roofing is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based roofing company specializing in all types of residential and commercial roofing systems. Old Pro is a family-owned business founded on one simple idea: treat your customers and employees right and success will follow.

For complete roof replacements and construction projects, our goal is to provide our customers with a full-service experience. Unlike other companies that may pass you among various levels of corporate bureaucracy, our associates will walk you through your roofing or construction project from start to finish.

At Old Pro, we take our name seriously. An Old Pro takes the headache out of dealing with insurance companies and contractors that over-promise and under-deliver.


Quality Commercial & Residential Roofing

Quality Commercial & Residential Roofing
4565 Keller Haslet Rd B, Fort Worth, TX 76244, United States
+1 817-741-3700

Quality Commercial & Residential Roofing specializes in commercial construction, commercial roofing, and residential roofing services.

As a trusted general contractor with over 15 years of experience, we have the experience and knowledge to take your construction project from start to finish.

We strive to be the “good guy” in the marketplace and prove it with excellent customer service while trying to restore professionalism back to the roofing industry. We follow the Golden Rule and put your needs ahead of ours to find out what you truly need.

As a residential or commercial customer, you know you are getting the best value. We will stand behind our work and we will be here when you need us.


Storm Master Construction & Roofing

Storm Master Construction & Roofing
3404 E Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76119, United States
+1 817-589-7190

Have you met Frank Brooks? Originally from western Oklahoma, Frank grew up in a farming and ranching family. He graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1968 with a bachelor’s degree in Business and began working for APCO Oil, Inc. He was later relocated to Fort Worth while working for the Chemical Division.

As the years went on, Frank was involved with several entrepreneurial opportunities in the construction industry. In the early 1990s when the storms hit the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, it occurred to him that there was a need for a strong, reputable and reliable roofing company. The company was established in 1977, and in 1998 they opened the roofing division and incorporated it as Storm Master Construction & Roofing.


Zenith Roofing Services, LLC

Zenith Roofing Services, LLC
3200 W Bolt St, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States
+1 469-446-0482

Zenith Roofing Services, LLC, defined as the highest point of power or success, is the premier provider of roofing services in the Southwest United States.

Since 1980, Zenith has provided professional roofing services for both commercial and residential clients. Zenith has three distinct company branches: Commercial, Residential, and Repair & Maintenance. Over the last three decades, customer service has been the cornerstone of Zenith’s success.

Our Commercial Branch offers expertise in projects ranging from shopping centers to industrial parks & high rises. Zenith is a certified contractor in most major roofing manufacturers. We also offer an in-house sheet metal shop, providing a distinct advantage in quality, pricing, and service.


CLC Roofing Inc. of Fort Worth

CLC Roofing Inc. of Fort Worth
4455 Camp Bowie Blvd #114-19, Fort Worth, TX 76107, United States
+1 817-306-4567

Chad Cross, a DFW native, began his career in the roofing industry in 1996. Out of a desire to provide quality and excellence in customer service, Chad launched his own company, CLC Roofing Inc. of Fort Worth, Inc. in 1999. He takes pride in knowing that the company he built has thousands of happy customers.

Chad is a 1995 graduate of Texas A&M where he was a member of the Corps of Cadets. Chad was on the Owens Corning Platinum Advisory Board for 2017-18 and was awarded the 2017 Bright Star Award and the Product Excellence Award in 2019. Chad is married with 3 sons and enjoys playing golf and spending time with family at their home in Southlake, Texas.


CSI Renovations & Roofing

CSI Roofers Fort Worth, TX
2029 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76164, United States
+1 817-503-2177

CSI Roofers Fort Worth, TX understands that your time is valuable and you want the job done right the first time in more than a need, it’s a necessity. Our commitment to both commercial and residential customers encompasses every aspect of our roofing, restoration, and renovation business.

With over a decade of design/build experience, we can create a custom design that meets your specific needs, modify one of our existing plans or help you select a ready-made plan. We look forward to helping you turn your dreams into a reality.

Our installers are highly trained individuals that go through extensive training with all the different types of roofing we install.


D&G Roof Systems

D&G Roof Systems
7503 Chapel Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76116, United States
+1 855-203-7663

D&G Roof Systems, LLC is a full-service Residential Roofer and Commercial Roofer, Gutter, and Construction Company serving the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, and Austin areas. Plus, we’re very proud to be an Owens Corning Platinum Contractor!

Our dedication to first-class customer service starts with quality roof products and installation. We are experienced, certified installers for the high-quality roofing products we use. This allows us to offer both 5-Year Workmanship and Manufacturer’s Warranties for the roofing products we install.

At D&G Roof Systems, we take a custom approach to every roof we put on. Each roofing project is assigned a construction manager who will oversee your project from inspection to completion.


DK Haney Roofing

DK Haney Roofing
1420 Markum Ranch Rd E, Fort Worth, TX 76126, United States
+1 817-546-2266

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, DK Haney Roofing is a national, full-service, commercial, and residential roofing contractor with the heart of a local company. Our expertise includes all types of major roofing systems including single-ply, built-up, modified bitumen, fluid-applied systems, standing seam metal, shingles, and waterproofing.

Our cooperative purchasing method of delivery provides public agencies a way to streamline and simplify the purchasing process. Oversight is administered by a fellow public agency from a compliance standpoint. We invite you to call one of our 500+ public agencies we have served and discover their experiences in contracting with our company through such a method of delivery.

How To Choose The Best Roofing Company?

Are you considering a new roof for your home? Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or installing a new roof, choosing the right material is important. A few factors should guide your choice: cost, durability, appeal, and strength of the roof’s components.

These are the most popular roofing materials, as they will most likely be used on a daily basis.

Fiberglass shingles are probably the most popular roofing material because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They perform well in even the most severe weather, which is why they’re so commonly used on homes in coastal areas.

Best Roofers in Fort Worth
Top 10 Best Roofers in Fort Worth 15

Tile, slate, and metal shingles are also good choices, though they often cost a little more than fiberglass. Both tile and shingle perform well in high winds, which is why they’re so often used on the beach.

Asphalt shingles are perhaps the most flexible kind of roofing material, which makes them a great choice for many applications. Rubber, asphalt, and cedar shingles all come in a wide range of colors, so they can easily match the color scheme of your home. They’re also popular choices for high winds, which is why they’re often used on homes with curbs. They’re also quite durable, so you won’t have to replace them as often as other roofing materials.

Most homeowners choose tiles because they are quite cheap and easy to install. Tiles tend to perform well in most climates, which is one of the reasons they are such a popular choice. However, because they are quite durable and easy to install, they are ideal for climates that don’t see much snowfall or extreme heat. If you live in a place where temperatures are more temperate than tropical, asphalt tiles might be a good choice for your roof. Just make sure they are properly sealed to protect the tiles from moisture damage.

Fiberglass is another popular roofing option. Unlike tiles, it is very durable and will withstand some abuse. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive, which is an added bonus. Although it does tend to crack under certain conditions, fiberglass performs well in most climates.

Best Roofing Forth Worth
Top 10 Best Roofers in Fort Worth 16

Shake roofing refers to installing wood shingles without the use of traditional nails or screws. It usually comes in individual pieces and requires some manual labor, so this option may not be a good choice for extremely busy people. This type of roofing material usually costs more than tiles or asphalt, but it’s worth it for the extra durability.

For high winds, metal roofing is an excellent choice. Even if you live in a region with a milder climate, a metal roof can stand up to high winds. The same is true for hail and tornadoes. Metal roofs are very long-lasting and easy to install. They can also be insulated to keep your heating and cooling costs down.

It all depends on what you are looking for in a roof. If your main purpose is to extend the lifespan of your roof, then purchasing one of each would be ideal. However, if longevity is not your primary concern, then go with asphalt shingles or fiberglass. Whichever you choose, making sure it’s installed properly will ensure that you get the maximum lifespan from your investment.

When purchasing a new roof, make sure you ask about how long the roofing lasts. How long does each of the materials typically last? How often should they be installed? This can help you determine which of the different types of roofing lasts the longest and will ultimately help you decide which one to purchase.

After you select a material, be sure to talk to a roofer about the installation process. This is very important. Ask how long each type of material will take to install, and what tools are needed to successfully complete the job. Also, find out how much roofing material will cost before you decide to hire a roofer. A cheap roofer may end up costing you more in the long run because the roof installation will come to the finish faster than with a more expensive company.

It may seem like a good idea to purchase asphalt shingles for hot climates, but there are some disadvantages to doing this. While asphalt shingles are durable, they are not the most energy-efficient type of roofing to use. Also, the asphalt that asphalt shingles are made out of is not quite as weatherproof as shakes. If the roof is in an area of high winds, however, using asphalt shingles could prove to be advantageous.

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