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There are many benefits to finding a family dentist. This type of professional has extensive training and can work with anyone in the family. They can also track the dental history of all members of the family. It can save you time and money to not have to go to the dentist every time you have a change in your family. The dentist will be able to give you the best possible care and educate your children about the importance of oral health.

The dentists in family practice can also monitor their siblings’ and parents’ dental health. They can also offer consultations about oral health issues. Having a family dentist can also reduce travel headaches. They can keep records of all treatments and understand your family’s medical history. This information is important for the early detection of genetic dental conditions. Regardless of your age, a family dentist can provide you and your entire household with the care you need.

A family dentist can provide a wide range of services. They can handle a wide variety of dental issues, including traumatic injuries, cavities, and gum disease. They can also perform dental implants to replace missing teeth. Modern dental implants have been in use for decades and are the best solution for missing teeth. A family dentist can help you have a healthier smile and be proactive in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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Milwaukee Dental Arts

Milwaukee Dental Arts
2700 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215, United States
+1 414-645-0217

Milwaukee Dental Arts: When you visit our office, you and your health are our top priorities. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, high-quality oral health care you deserve in a pleasant and friendly environment. You will experience the best that modern dentistry has to offer with a comprehensive list of dental services, including cosmetic procedures, to meet the needs of your whole family.

Our goal is to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long-term dental health and a beautiful smile. Part of our commitment to serving our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. Our caring and experienced staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are also available for emergency dental treatment if needed. In most cases, you are able to be seen on the same day. Walk-ins are welcome, and we provide on-call emergency dental care by appointment. We are always welcoming new patients and we would love to have you as part of our dental family.


Major Dentists of Milwaukee

Major Dentists of Milwaukee
788 N Jefferson St #880, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States
+1 414-276-4262

Major Dentists of Milwaukee are modern, specialty prosthodontic clinics focusing on patients in need of anesthetic, implant, and reconstructive dentistry. Our offices are designed with extensive attention to detail to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their visits. We offer a comprehensive approach to patient care and the convenience of getting all services performed in one office.

We have dedicated surgical and prosthetic suites as well as a full-service in-house laboratory. We provide intraoral and face scanning, the latest digital workflows, and CBCT and 3D advanced diagnostics in order to provide our patients with the best dental care.

Our Chicago clinic is conveniently located off of the Kennedy Expressway at Cumberland and Higgins and our Milwaukee clinic is centrally located at Wells and Jackson. Both locations offer free parking.


Smiles On Broadway

Smiles On Broadway
735 N Water St #926, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States
+1 414-292-9525

Experienced Milwaukee Dentist
Serving the Milwaukee community for 25+ Years
Searching for personalized dental care in a comfortable setting? Look no further. New patients immediately feel the difference in quality when they visit Smiles On Broadway. Having produced healthy and infectious smiles for 25+ years, our leading Milwaukee dentist takes credit for many that are seen in the area.

Every patient comes in with specific needs, and we are committed to accommodating them to the best of our abilities. It is for that reason that we offer a wide selection of dental treatments and procedures. We stand behind our declaration that Smiles On Broadway offers an experience unmatched by other dentists in the community. Superior, detail-oriented care is what we are known for.


River Walk Dentistry

River Walk Dentistry
735 N Water St #826, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States
+1 414-271-1770

Inspiring Smiles Through our Passion for Exceptional Dentistry
River Walk Dentistry: We deliver quality dentistry through a team effort. We pride ourselves on a patient-centered practice and will do everything possible to ensure a pleasant dental experience. Our leadership is built on the foundation of experience and innovation achieved through our dedication to continuing education and professional development.

Inspiring Smiles Through our Passion for Exceptional Dentistry
We deliver quality dentistry through a team effort. We pride ourselves on a patient-centered practice and will do everything possible to ensure a pleasant dental experience. Our leadership is built on the foundation of experience and innovation achieved through our dedication to continuing education and professional development.

Periodontal Therapy
Periodontal cleanings are essential in maintaining dental health and keeping periodontal disease under control. Periodontal disease is diagnosed by your dentist or dental hygienist during a periodontal examination—and should always be part of your regular dental check-up.



Top 10 Best Dentists in Milwaukee
161 W Wisconsin Ave #5036, Milwaukee, WI 53203, United States
+1 414-278-6070

Our success and growth over the last 30 years are a testament to our caring team and the level of service we provide, from the front office team to our assistants, hygienists, and dentists.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family to ConfiDENTAL and look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!

All of us at ConfiDENTAL recognize that each patient is unique and deserves to experience a dental visit that best reflects their individual needs. Our experienced team is constantly working to make the office a comfortable and stress-free environment for patients of all ages. We are pleased to welcome you and your family to ConfiDENTAL and look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!

Our dedicated team at ConfiDENTAL has undergone extensive training to provide patients with the most advanced treatments and services. Our professionals have received board certification and frequently undergo supplemental training to stay ahead of new trends and technological advances. Our success and growth over the last 30 years are a testament to our caring team and the level of service we provide, from the front office team to our assistants, hygienists, and dentists. We are pleased to welcome you and your family to ConfiDENTAL and look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!


West Allis Dental Care

West Allis Dental Care
7130 W Greenfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53214, United States
+1 414-258-2500

West Allis Dental Care: Our dentists have a wealth of experience in high-quality oral health care. They share a philosophy of offering affordable dental care and using the best practices. Our dentists are caring and committed professionals dedicated to the dental health of their patients. They stay up on the latest techniques by attending seminars and additional training, investing in new equipment, and staying involved in professional organizations.

Dr. Douglas Persich graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry and founded West Allis Dental Care in 1979 and Bay View Dental Care in 1982. He is committed to making West Allis Dental Care a valuable and trusted member of the community. Dr. Persich is also CEO of Dental Protection Plan Inc., past president of Kiwanis Club of West Allis, and former owner of Grenadiers Inc. He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA), and the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association (GMDA). Dr. Persich is president of the West Allis Downtown Business Improvement District Inc. His charitable activities include sponsorship of Christmas on the Avenue in West Allis, West Allis Car Show, West Allis Ala Carte, and other civic-minded West Allis projects.

Dr. Peter Limberatos graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry. He is a caring and committed professional who is dedicated to his patient’s dental health. He has been in practice for over 20 years. Dr. Limberatos speaks English and Greek.


Tosa Dental Professionals

Tosa Dental Professionals
6803 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53213, United States
+1 414-259-1155

Looking for comfortable, confident, and convenient care from your dentist? You’ve come to the right place. From the minute you walk into our office you will notice a difference at Tosa Dental Professionals. We care about you, your family, and your friends, and we’re here to help you achieve your healthiest, brightest smile.

At Tosa Dental Professionals we know every person’s dental needs are unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of treatment options in a comfortable, convenient atmosphere. We’re confident we can provide superior dental care that makes your smile brighter.

We specialize in improving smiles. You can learn more about our smile-enhancing services on our website, including:

  • General Dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Preventive Care
  • Invisalign
  • Periodontal Exams

We’ve developed this informational website as an extension of our practice, to serve as a convenient, educational resource for our patients. With just a few clicks, you can find helpful information about our services, credentials, and office policies. You can also easily access patient forms or request an appointment.


Milwaukee Dental Group

Milwaukee Dental Group
5542 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53216, United States
+1 414-240-0935

Preventative Care & Cosmetic Dentistry
Milwaukee Dental Group: Preventative care is the key to a healthy smile. Regular checkups allow us to treat issues before they become a problem. Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry is the best course of action in these cases. Give us a call for questions on cosmetic dentistry such as implants, dentures, teeth whitening, and more!

Emergency Care & Oral Surgery
All teeth are different and accidents happen. Whether your teeth are chipped, damaged or you’ve had mouth trauma, our team is here to help. We can help you with extractions, wisdom teeth removal, fillings, or root canals.

Everyday Care
It is so important to build a relationship with your dentist and attend your yearly appointments. We can spot potential issues before they become a problem. This will save you time AND money.



5100 W Forest Home Ave UNIT 203, Milwaukee, WI 53219, United States
+1 414-543-3301

Every patient is different — at ForwardDental, we understand that. This is why our full-service practices in the Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Madison regions provide comprehensive quality care for the entire family. It’s easy to find a convenient office location in your neighborhood, offering the services you are looking for and flexible hours to meet your scheduling needs. We accept most dental insurance plans and offer a discount program for the uninsured.


Hampton Dental Associates, SC

Hampton Dental Associates, SC
5323 W Hampton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53218, United States
+1 414-464-9021

Hampton Dental Associates, SC offers the best dental care from a family that cares. From everyone at Hampton Dental, we open our arms and invite you into our dental family.

We are a unique family dental practice in that we can boast of serving Milwaukee for four generations. In 1922, our grandfather Morris A. Paschen D.D.S. started his practice in West Allis, Wisconsin on Burnam Street. Our father Charles F. Winter D.D.S joined Morris in practice and established Hampton Dental on 5323 W. Hampton Avenue, our current location! Dr. Bruce and Dr. Richard Winter worked together for 33 years before Dr. Bruce’s retirement in 2021. He was on the advisory Board for M.A.T.C. and the Department of Surgical Services at Marquette and was an instrumental part of making Hampton Dental what it is today. Richard Winter is currently serving as the third generation of dentists working at Hampton Dental Associates.

Family Dentists In the USA

Best Dentists in Milwaukee
Top 10 Best Dentists in Milwaukee 15

Unlike general dentists, who specialize in treating all ages, family dentists work with the entire family. This way, they can keep track of the dental needs of every member of the household. General dentists typically treat younger children for routine cleanings and oral hygiene, but you should make an appointment with a pediatric dentist if you’re looking for more comprehensive care. Families can also find dental groups that specialize in treating young children, as they can better respond to the needs of each member of the family.

There are several advantages to seeing a family dentist. They understand the needs of children, including changing teeth and gums. They are trained to provide a gentle approach to dental care, making sure that every child has a positive experience. They can also help maintain proper dental hygiene and prevent problems before they arise. Most family dentists specialize in orthodontics, so they can help straighten a child’s permanent teeth.

The first benefit of seeing a family dentist is that they understand the unique dental needs of children. A family dentist is trained to meet the unique needs of children and their parents. The benefits of a family dentist are numerous. A family dentist can provide all types of dental care, from basic cleanings to more extensive procedures. This helps ensure that everyone has healthy teeth throughout their lives. If you have a busy schedule, your family dentist may have additional hours or a different type of practice.

Top 10 Best Dentists in Milwaukee
Top 10 Best Dentists in Milwaukee 16

One advantage of a family dentist is that they can serve all of your dental needs. Because of this, they can build a long-term relationship with you and your children, and handle the dental needs of all family members. Visiting a family dentist can save you time, money, and effort, and can also help maintain proper oral hygiene habits into adulthood. In fact, eighty percent of all dentists work in this capacity.

A family dentist can treat children from infancy to adulthood. This type of dentist is highly skilled and educated in the oral health of children. In addition to caring for children, a family dentist can also take care of their parents. This makes it easier for the parents to get the best dental care for their kids. A family dentist can also help you choose the right practice for your needs. These professionals are often very helpful in your child’s dental care.

A family dentist is an ideal choice for any dental care for your entire family. As a parent, you will be able to establish a long-term relationship with them. You will also be able to avoid any dental problems from arising. Your child’s dentist will help your child to maintain good oral hygiene. A family dentist can provide all the services you need. So, when it comes to the teeth of your children, a family dentist will be the best choice.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With first-rate facilities, hard-working teams, and non-stop entertainment, Milwaukee is one of the top places to live in the Midwest. Visit during the summer months to experience the Summerfest festival in Henry Maier Festival Park on the shore of Lake Michigan. Here are a few things to do in Milwaukee during the summer. Let’s start by looking at the weather. After all, the summers in Milwaukee are beautiful.

From a historical perspective, Milwaukee is a city of festivals. The city has a rich history as a cultural center, and its annual festivals celebrate a variety of cultures. Bastille Days, a French festival, takes place in Cathedral Square in downtown Milwaukee. German and Irish festivals are held at Henry Maier Fest Park, on the lakefront. There are also several street festivals in the Riverwest, including the Locust Street Festival of Music & Art and the Center Street Dazes.

There are many cultural attractions to see in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Art Museum is the most popular attraction for art lovers and has a $100 million wing designed by Santiago Calatrava. You can also visit the Grohmann Museum, which is on campus at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. It features the Man at Work collection, with over 700 works of art dating from the fifteenth century to today. And for art buffs, there is the Haggerty Museum of Arts, on the Marquette University campus. The Haggerty museum exhibits classical masterpieces, and the exhibits are free to attend.


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