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Clean Time Softwash is a professional cleaning and power washing company based in Austin, Texas. They offer a wide range of cleaning services, including soft washing, pressure washing, and roof cleaning for both residential and commercial clients. Clean Time Softwash was founded by a recovered alcoholic/addict who overcame personal struggles and is now dedicated to providing exceptional service to their clients.

Clean Time Softwash has earned a great reputation for their quality work and exceptional customer service. Customers praise the company for going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction, as well as their attention to detail and professionalism. The company is available for service six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, with operating hours from 8am to 8pm.

Their soft washing technique is a safe and effective way to clean and restore exterior surfaces such as stucco, siding, and roofs, without damaging them. They use a low-pressure application method that is environmentally friendly and gentle on the surfaces being cleaned. This technique also helps to prevent future mold and mildew growth, ensuring long-lasting results.

Their pressure washing services are ideal for cleaning driveways, patios, and other outdoor areas that require a more powerful cleaning method. Clean Time Softwash uses high-pressure equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime, and other stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces.

Clean Time Softwash is fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind to their clients. They are committed to ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their work and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Overall, Clean Time Softwash is a top-rated cleaning and power washing company in Austin, Texas, providing exceptional service and results to their customers. Their dedication to quality work, professionalism, and customer satisfaction make them a go-to choice for any cleaning needs.

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