Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs of Belmont

Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs of Belmont

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Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs is Perth’s original and longest running dog day-care at 9 years old and still going strong.

As the first large dog day-care in Perth the concept, that is now widely used in other Perth dog day-care centres, was developed by Rebecca Vary, assisted by her trusty 11-year-old Bichon frieze “Pokey”.

Rebecca grew up in a home with German shepherd’s, cats, horses and cows. Influenced by her animal loving parents she developed a love and respect for animals from an early age. She raised her first dog from aged four, a female Labrador cross she named Billy.

Rebecca travelled to, and trained in, the USA to study and gain experience in all aspects of the dog day-care business, and made many contacts with people in the industry that she now considers friends. This network has become a valuable asset in Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs continuing to stay ahead of it’s competitors to provide the dogs of Perth the best day-care experience possible.