The Green Heart Grocer of Leeming

The Green Heart Grocer of Leeming


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I used to think having a green heart meant recycling and taking my own bags to the supermarket. After seeing Craig Reucassel’s War on Waste on the ABC in 2017, I realised I could be way greener! I changed some of my own habits immediately but the hardest was the weekly food shop.

When I shopped at the large supermarkets I started to feel really terrible about all the plastic packaging. I didn’t see pretty packaged food any more, I saw shelves and shelves and rows and rows of plastic heading to landfill.

I realised the prettier the packaging, the worse it was in terms of sustainability. It’s money spent on advertising and marketing and not quality or true cost.

The obvious solution was to shop at bulk wholefood stores and farmer’s markets, which is what I started to do. But I wanted to do more and help others embrace sustainability and make it easier for them to shop greener. This led to the creation of The Green Heart Grocer.