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A full-service tree service & landscaping company, we specialize in tree removal. If a tree has become dangerous, we can remove it for you for a reasonable price. Even if it’s just old, unattractive, or taking up too much space, we can remove it for you.

Our arborists will do a thorough inspection of the tree & surrounding area & determine the best way to remove it. If we need to bring in a boom truck or utilize climbing to remove the tree, we will do so. We have the proper equipment & experience to safely & effectively remove any size tree from your property.

The stump left behind after a tree is removed is a problem for many homeowners. It can be unsightly & make the surrounding area difficult to use. We can dig up the stump & grind it down to level with the remaining ground. We can do this for you at an affordable price. Call Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping for more information.