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At StreamlineMyREI, we provide our customers with foolproof solutions, consultation, and service-related IT all through our effective CRM Podio. Our Podio covers all aspects of REI management using a robust, centralized platform, so our clients don’t have to go through the hassle of acquiring services from different agencies.

StreamlineMyREI does not limit its services to the real estate industry solely. In fact, it provides services and assistance to almost every other business or industry regardless of its size. Our services are compatible with all frameworks, and we ensure to devise appropriate strategies based on your requirement and business background.

Allow us to have your REI or business streamlined today with our versatile StreamlineREI Podio. Here are some of the services we offer our clients:

  • Customization in Podio System
  • Workflow Automation Services
  • REI Agent Workspace
  • Rehab Project Management Workspace
  • Property Management Workspace
  • Integration Services

StreamlineMyREI offers real estate lead generation, CRM solutions, SEO, and website templates for lead generation and data processing. Digital marketing plays a vital role in the expansion of the business and voicing the brand to a wider network Our effective strategies ensured guaranteed results. StreamlineREIPodio extends its additional services to a range of other industries We ensure every business has the opportunity to use our effective CRM solution.

Data Management is a process of building Marketing Prospect Lists from various data-providing websites. It involves web scraping details from public sources and newsletters, performing cleansing, duplication de-duplication, normalizing, skip tracing, and making data ready for marketing. Most real estate investors regularly buy Marketing Prospect Lists from various online data provider tools such as (aka,, and ListSourceTM.

StreamlineMyREI Virtual Operations team follows a very robust set of processes to manage weekly/ bi-weekly or monthly distressed and large lists of data collected for their real estate clients. Here are the key sources used to pull data and build Marketing Prospect Lists.




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