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Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty is the premier real estate company in Plymouth. They offer a wide range of real estate services. Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty is dedicated to providing the highest quality real estate services possible.

When it comes to finding the best time for you to sell your house, there are many factors that will affect this decision. The general principle of seasonal homes means that you should be timing your sale depending on where it is located. One major consideration is whether or not people have been cooped up indoors during winter and are anxious about exploring new housing options as soon as the weather warms up! If so then they often prefer Springtime sales because lots of potential buyers come out in early spring before anything flowers outside yet still want property ownership.

Another consideration is what’s going on in the neighborhood. If there’s a new park being built nearby or if there are new stores opening up all around then it might be better to wait until those things happen before putting your house on the market so buyers will be excited about moving into an area where they can enjoy those amenities without having to drive far away from home.

And finally, if you’re looking at selling a luxury home then you’ll probably want to wait until later in the year because high-end buyers tend to make their purchases later in summer and fall when they have more time off from work (and more cash).

If you’re looking for the best real estate services in Plymouth, look no further than Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty. Contact them today to get started!

Why Get Real Estate Services Today?

Here are several popular real estate services that property owners in Plymouth enjoy:

Home Appraisal

What should the list price of my home be? Well, if you’re trying to sell your home in Plymouth, MN, then you need to do some research.

First, find out what prices similar homes in your neighborhood are selling for. To do this, you can ask our Real Estate Specialists in Plymouth MN for a “comparative market analysis,” which will tell you how much similar homes in your area have sold for recently and what their sales prices were compared with those of other properties within the same area. This is important because it lets you know whether you’re pricing your home too high or too low so that you can make an informed decision about how to price it.

Second, think about how much money you want to make from the sale of your home. The goal here is not just to sell it for as much as possible—you also want to recoup all of your investment by selling at a higher price than what it cost you when buying it originally. If this isn’t feasible because real estate prices have gone up significantly since then (which has been happening lately), then maybe consider buying another house instead—one that’s more affordable but still fulfills most of the same needs.

If you don’t want to do the research, our team of realtors would be highly happy to assist you in finding the true value of your property.

Real Estate Buying Strategy

Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty

So you’re thinking about buying a new house before selling your current one?

The truth is, you can do it. It’s like walking on a tightrope, but if you watch your footing, don’t get distracted by shiny objects, and make sure to only look at the horizon—not down at the ground—you’ll be fine.

We’re not going to lie: this is not for everyone. If you’re not careful with this approach, it could lead to a stressful real estate experience. But if you’re willing to take some calculated risks, it could be just the thing to help get you where you want to go.

Contact the MooneySmartPeterson Real Estate Team today to learn more about our proven buyer strategies that will help make this process as painless as possible.

Pre-Listing Inspection

The first step to selling a home is making sure it’s ready for the market. This requires some prep work, which usually includes repairs and restorations that are specific to the house itself. You might need to fix problems with flooring, plumbing, mechanical items, repainting walls, and updating decor. 

In order to make sure your home stands out from the competition, it’s important to make sure it sparkles by doing a deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens. Getting a pre-listing home inspection may also help with identifying issues or defects. Our Plymouth Realtors can help you find the best place to get a pre-listing inspection.

Real Estate Staging

A lot of people think that selling a home is all about cleaning up, but that’s not always the case.

When you’re selling your home, it’s important to remember that the goal isn’t to make it look exactly like how you want it when you move in. The goal is to make sure potential buyers feel comfortable in your space—and that means being aware of what they might see as “personalization” and doing what you can to remove it before showing the house.

This includes:

-Pictures (they’re probably not going to want to put their own up)

-Clothing, artwork, and other personal items (if they want them in their new home, they’ll buy them)

-Unnecessary furniture (if there’s something they feel like they need, they’ll ask for it)

You should also consider making changes outside the house. Mowing and trimming up the yard will have a bigger impact than you’d think on a buyer’s decision. And adding details such as fresh flowers or colorful towels in the bathroom or a friendly welcome mat can add an extra feeling to the buyer, letting them picture themselves living there. Contact our Realtors in Plymouth MN today if you have any questions about how to prep your home.

How Much Do Real Estate Services Cost in Plymouth

The cost of real estate services will vary depending on the size of your property and the type of service you need. Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty offers competitive pricing and a free quote so you know exactly how much your project will cost.

How to Prepare for A Real Estate Service

If you’re planning on getting real estate services, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

First, clear any loose debris from your property. This will help Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty get a better clean and prevent them from damaging your property.

Next, move any outdoor furniture or decorations inside. This will protect your belongings from water damage and make it easier for Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty to pressure wash your entire property.

Finally, make sure Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty has access to all areas of your property that need to be cleaned. This includes removing any vehicles from the driveway and clearing any obstructions from walkways and stairs.

By following these simple tips, you can help Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty provide the best possible service.

Get Professional Real Estate Services Today!

Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty is your one-stop shop for all your real estate needs. They offer a variety of services to make sure your property is sellable. Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty also offers competitive pricing and a free quote so you know exactly how much your project will cost. Contact Mooney Smart Peterson Edina Realty today to get started on making your property look its best!





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