Tiffin Asha of Portland

Tiffin Asha of Portland

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If you want to try authentic Indian cuisine in Oregon, you will want to try one of the numerous Indian restaurants through out Oregon. Portland Oregon is home to a vast variety of different cuisines, therefore you’ll be able to find something you’ll enjoy. The menus in some of these eateries vary significantly in temperature, ranging from mild to medium-hot. To pick the right one, it is important to be aware of the amount of spice you prefer in your food. One good general rule is to select the most delicious food first, then you can try other dishes.

If you’re looking for an unpretentious dining experience in the city, don’t go to an overly expensive Indian restaurant. Instead, opt for Tiffin Asha. We have on offer an Indian menu with salads and street food made of grilled roti filled with ingredients like prawns. If you’re looking for some comfort food, you can try some of the more traditional dishes served with rice. Rice with lemon is a fantastic choice for a meal.

There are two locations and is run by the owners, who fell in love with Indian food. While the food menu of Tiffin Asha features many inspired food items, it’s also recommended to take a look at the pav bhaji which is a dish that is made from mashed vegetables and buttered bread. The menu features over 150 different items and varies in the level of spiciness and the quality of ingredients.

The owner of Tiffin Asha, is an avid purist and he focuses on the traditions that are associated with traditional foods in India. Unlike most other Indian eateries, Tiffin Asha doesn’t strictly follow the rules when it comes to dining. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the spiciest lamb hash or two samosas that are topped with chickpea stew. A good masala chai will help with this.

The menus in Indian restaurants don’t limit you to just a few items. If you’re seeking a vegetarian-friendly meal, try the tandoori-style fare. Usually served in an tomato-based sauce, matar paneer is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. The menus of these restaurants aren’t too spicy, and often they’re simple and easy to order. If you’re seeking a traditional Indian food, there’s no need to search further.

The first time you feel a craving for Indian cuisine, you must visit us here at Tiffin Asha. The restaurant was established many years ago and is still in operation and serves the same delicious food every day. It is a local favorite. The food here is amazing and tasty, but it is healthy and vegan-friendly. The only requirement is that you have to be either familiar with Indian food or adventurous to enjoy the meal.

1670 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211, United States
+1 503-936-7663



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