Lombardo’s Bistro and Bar of Omaha

Lombardo’s Bistro and Bar of Omaha

Italian Restaurant

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Lombardo’s Bistro and Bar provide a friendly, reputable and also specialized service covering Omaha and the surrounding cities for all sorts of challenge that will require Italian restaurant.

Our Italian restaurant, Lombardo’s Bistro and Bar, is located here in Omaha, Nebraska. Reviews from our happy customers tell their own story, and we always strive to be among the best. If you’re in search of the best restaurant that has authentic Italian food, come and find out what we have to offer.

The pasta and pizzas are some of the most well-known Italian dishes and here at Lombardo’s Bistro and Bar we are proud of on our classic menu. We only use the finest of products to guarantee that our food keeps our customers coming back to come back for more.

We can combine casual atmosphere here, as well as the ability to provide an elegant setting should you want, so you’re sure to get the perfect meal. While the food is great, the atmosphere can be what makes your meal memorable.

Pasta comes in a variety of shapes. In Italy, it’s common to see regional dishes, such as trofie or orecchiette. The majority of the time, Italians don’t serve bread along with their pasta. Instead, they make use of it to muddle the sauce. Our sauces are so delicious that we have noticed this is what happens most of the time.The pasta that is served at the restaurant is prepared of fresh ingredients, such as eggs. It is possible to sample a dish of homemade pasta and order it with just a sprinkle of tomato sauce or olive oil. However, you must avoid the heavy sauces in order to take in the delicious pasta.

If you are searching for a qualified Italian restaurant service you could trust, contact us. Listed below are our details.

13110 Birch Dr, Omaha, NE 68164, United States
+1 402-884-9800