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Hach & Rose, LLP’s personal injury attorneys in New York City, are devoted to vigorously defending the rights and interests of people who have suffered harm due to another party’s carelessness or negligence. Michael Rose and Gregory Hach founded a law company that has successfully recovered well over $500 million on behalf of its clients. Michael Rose and Gregory Hach have devoted their lives to advocating for New Yorkers for more than ten years. Contact Michael Rose and Gregory Hach immediately if you have a personal injury claim. Furthermore, Gregory Hach and Michael Rose, lawyers, created Hach & Rose, LLP about two decades ago. At the time, Michael was well-known for his numerous million-dollar jury verdicts when he represented accident clients and was a respected speaker for the New York Bar. Gregory served as a consultant and advisor on various topics involving unionized workers and has represented union members all around the nation.

Any wrongdoing against a person resulting in physical harm is described as a personal injury lawsuit. It’s critical to get quick medical attention if you were injured in an accident and have one or more significant wounds. Numerous factors, such as faulty products, slip/trip/fall incidents, or medical misconduct, might result in bodily injury. These injuries can happen anywhere, whether in a nursing home, a construction site, your car, or even at work. Hence, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the guilty party in these numerous situations. The insurance companies may attempt to “lowball” you or make an undervalued settlement offer if you are in a car accident. In an automobile accident, our skilled personal injury attorneys can pursue damages for lost wages, emotional anguish, medical expenses, the price of repairing your vehicle, and more. You may call us for free legal consultations.

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