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It goes without saying that our group of personal injury attorneys stands out from ordinary law firms in several ways. Thus, it is our mission to provide New Yorkers with the skills and education needed to help us to assist our fellow residents of the city by providing them with a personal injury lawyer. We want to support you throughout the process and assist you in winning your personal injury claim. Additionally, we have been in operation for a long time, and our highly skilled team is aware of the ideal alliance for you and the person most suited to win your case.

Throughout his career, lawyer Jared S. Kaplan has concentrated on expanding his legal expertise through actual legal work. With almost 20 years of legal experience, Jared is a partner at the Syosset, New York-based Kaplan Lawyers PC. Jared’s career began in litigation, so he is familiar with its traps and applies that experience when he represents clients in challenging situations. We are confident that we will persist in serving the community in as many ways as we can for many more decades to come with the help of our staff of local, compassionate, and skilled personal injury attorneys.

When things go wrong, Kaplan Lawyers PC is here to help, and we take pride in equipping our clients with solutions. Clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries and have been refused payment for the fees they must incur come to us. We’re dedicated to assisting you in making the best of a challenging circumstance because we know that you are forced to endure the pain and suffering you are in now. Hence, beyond the shock and grief of the moment, the actual costs of a personal injury accumulate over time. Please let us know how we can assist you.

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