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The Law Offices of Darren T. Moore PC


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It would be best if you connect with a personal injury lawyer to help you negotiate what can be a challenging and complicated legal process and what can be a very upsetting period in your life. At any rate, our firm’s knowledgeable personal injury attorney has the wisdom and dexterities to help you navigate complex personal injury laws.

Our injury lawyers are motivated and laser-focused on obtaining the highest possible recovery for every client in every case, no matter what it takes. We prepare every case for any circumstance, whether that recovery is achieved by a settlement or by a judgment issued in court by a jury at trial. At the legal Offices of Darren T. Moore, our personal injury lawyers deal with all kinds of matters as part of our full-service practice. We can secure justice for each one of our clients because of our rigorous planning and laser focus.

Darren established the business in January 2019 and is committed to pursuing justice for his wronged clients. Darren has represented clients in New York’s courts as an intelligent, diligent, and persistent personal injury lawyer. No case is too big or too little. My passion for personal injury law has allowed me to stand out for the rights of my clients on a daily basis, and I am truly humbled and motivated by this. His practice is concentrated on premises accidents, brain injury accidents, workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, trip and fall mishaps, and construction accidents. Mr. Moore is a lawyer who fights for his client’s rights to complete justice and total restitution.

No matter the type of accident—construction, auto, escalator, elevator, slip-and-fall, medical malpractice, products liability, or lead paint case—pick up the phone or send us an email so we can assist you.

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