Is Google’s Continuous Scrolling Good News For Small Online Businesses?

Google announced in October. 14 that it would begin using the continuous scrolling feature on their mobile results pages. This will help users looking for the top content online from the search engines, as well as companies that depend on Google searches on mobile for revenue.

In addition to the benefits we’ve already discussed, there are several reasons why Google might be changing its approach to mobile web browsing. Many English searches on mobile search are now using this new feature in the US.

What Is Continuous Scrolling?

Google Infinite Scrolling
Is Google's Continuous Scrolling Good News For Small Online Businesses? 4

What’s Continuous Scrolling? It’s a new feature in Google search that allows users to browse many pages of results. They may want to look at a few more options before making a decision. They could be doing research for an upcoming trip, or they might just be looking for ideas for a craft project. Users are used to this, but the changes could have consequences for businesses that depend on Google for traffic and sales.

One of the biggest benefits of continuous scrolling is that it eliminates the friction of scrolling. This can make it easier for users to access multiple pages of content and ads. Also, since Google continues to focus on data-driven results, continuous scrolling can be good for your search engine rankings. If your website uses this type of technology, it’s important to optimize your titles, meta descriptions, and schema markup to ensure that you are ranking high.


The main downside of continuous scrolling is that it decreases the visibility of ads. Google wants people to see as many of the results as possible, so continuous scrolling will reduce the friction. But there are some benefits to this as well. Despite its disadvantages, it’s not a bad way to improve your SERPs.

When it comes to optimizing for continuous scrolling, you can use schema markup. This allows you to communicate with the search engines and tell them what the page is about. In addition to helping you rank higher in Google’s standard results, schema markup can help you do well in popular questions and featured snippets. If you’re looking to gain more exposure on SERPs, you should optimize your title, meta description, and content for this type of scrolling.

In addition to the appearance of the page, the format can affect how you perform in search. Using continuous scrolling in Google’s standard results can affect your ranking in Google because it causes more friction for users. Moreover, users will be unable to find specific information if they have to scroll down multiple pages to find what they’re looking for. In short, the more competitors, the more space Google needs to use.

Social media applications such as TikTok or Instagram have been using continuous scrolling for many years. It is more user-friendly, and allows users to view more information, especially helpful when using mobile devices on Google Search.

Prior to this, Google users could only browse to the bottom of the page and then click the next page’s number that is highlighted in blue.

Although they can keep clicking and clicking to find new sites, Google data cited in the announcement recently stated that the majority of users don’t even go past four results on the first page.

Google Infinite Scrolling
Is Google's Continuous Scrolling Good News For Small Online Businesses? 5

A 2020 Google study revealed that the click-through rate or CTR of results on the second page was less than 1% for each position. Between the first between the 10th and 11th pages, CTR drops from 46.9 percent to 1.5 percent.

If an individual reaches the bottom of the page on their smartphone then the next result page will load automatically. A “See Further” button will appear within the scrolling.

Not only does the introduction of this feature fit in with Google’s business model, but it can also be good news for SEOs and any search engine marketing company looking for new opportunities.

It isn’t a surprise to see this feature being introduced on Google as so many social media apps already use it on their own social media platform. A page-based user interface is not as convenient to use when using mobile phones, a fact that social media companies picked up on quicker than Google.

As per Google:

“It is now possible to perform this to find additional information, browsing through a variety of results before having to click the ‘See More Click Here’.”

Here’s Why Google is Changing Results for Search

Google’s goal with the continuous scrolling feature is to help make “browsing results of searches more intuitive and seamless.” In particular, they wish to aid users in finding the correct information when their questions can be described as “broad” or “open-ended.”

People who have these kinds of concerns should look at more outcomes before making a decision. They might be conducting a search or looking for a place to eat or looking for ideas for their craft.

The new version is also more like what people are used to seeing on social media sites. So get used to taking advantage of this feature when planning your content marketing and formats for your online content.

It could take some time to make continuous scrolling available to all. As per Google, “this new search experience is beginning to slowly be available for the majority of English mobile searches in the U.S.” So if you are searching in San Francisco on a mobile platform you are more likely to see this feature than someone based elsewhere in the world.

Benefits to Small Online Businesses

Google Infinite Scrolling
Is Google's Continuous Scrolling Good News For Small Online Businesses? 6

Every Google update can have repercussions for businesses that depend on it for selling products or services. Google has a history of introducing critical infrastructure changes

Many smaller businesses in the business community are looking to employ SEO to be more visible on Google rankings. By writing content guest posts, guest postings, and link building, all help to get them on the first page of search results.

Users will instantly be linked to the third, second, or fourth page. This content is likely to see an increase in clicks as well as traffic. Those members of the business community who are more SEO aware will find their endeavors better rewarded.

Getting to the top of the page is still their aim, but due to constant scrolling, they’ll also find new customers on different pages.

What Should You Do Next?

Are you wondering whether your company should now be doing anything different? We recommend that you monitor your analytics.

Check how your content is doing on pages two to four. When you have a clear understanding of the situation it’s possible to switch some resources over to content that you’ve never thought about highlighting prior to.


This new feature is going to change things and so this would be a good time to review your Online Marketing strategy.

Are you looking for help in creating great content or revising your approach? You can book a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists today to begin. To take advantage of our free trial just click here.

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