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Tom Bennerotte, the firm’s founding attorney, knows what it’s like to lose someone to carelessness. He knows how difficult it is to recover from such a loss, emotionally and practically. He and the Bennerotte & Associates, P.A. staff are adept advocates for those in that circumstance. Additionally, receiving compensation for a job accident ought to be straightforward given the existence of the workers’ compensation law, yet it can be pretty time-consuming. We take on the responsibility of speaking up for you in a work injury and strive to achieve the outcomes you require.

Our attorneys have decades of experience helping Minnesotans with any personal injury claim. We deal with clients hurt by vehicle accidents, medical errors, faulty products, and premise liability. All clients rely on our capabilities, foresight, and negotiating prowess, but they also need to feel that they have an ally who will do what needs to be done. We are skilled at navigating the judicial system and establishing liability. As a result, we hold guilty parties responsible for your injury.

We are a group of legal experts who assist injured persons in organizing their money and choosing the most straightforward route to recovery. We do not launch frivolous lawsuits, and we are not ambulance chasers. It will be justified if we decide that filing a lawsuit is essential in your situation. Further, we can assist you in obtaining financial compensation for your expenses, lost income, lost future earnings, loss of consortium, and even funeral expenses if a loved one has passed away. Your case needs careful consideration, and you deserve to receive the compensation you are legally entitled to, not some arbitrary sum the insurance company hopes would satisfy your needs. Before agreeing to anything with an insurance company, speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney is essential.

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